Gravity Guy Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Dec 20, 2010 at 9:00 am

What happens if you could flip gravity whenever you like? If you think that sounds awesome, wait till you start running for your life. In Gravity Guy by, you’ll have to help one little guy escape from the gravity troops that are hot on his heels. Can you make it up and down through the treacherous mazes without flying into space or getting zapped into oblivion?

Gravity Guy is run and jump platform game for the iPhone and iPod Touch in which you’ll be constantly flipping gravity at varying intervals. At each tap of your finger the ceiling will become the floor, and vice versa. All this while, Gravity Guy never stops running — at least not unless he gets trapped by a wall because you weren’t fast enough to flip gravity. If he gets trapped or hampered in his movements, the gravity police will catch up. With one blue blast of a laser, Gravity Guy will be history.

Well, maybe not. This is, luckily, a game, and you’ll get to continue again from the last checkpoint. These checkpoints prevent the game from being all too brief, especially if you lack split-second reflexes and the most nimble fingers. You won’t even be penalized for any deaths. Although if you make it through several levels without dying, you’ll be awarded achievements in Game Center. The further Gravity Guy runs, the tougher the maze-like course becomes. Not only are there plenty of ups and downs to traverse, but you’ve also got to flip gravity fast enough to always give yourself a floor to run on, and if your judgment is off by a fraction, you may end up leaping into space. On top of that, the game speeds up every now and then. Certain sections of floor act as speed boosters, and occasionally rocket ships rumble by, shaking everything.

The game’s fast pace makes it both challenging and addictive. Every time Gravity Guy gets killed and resurrected at the last checkpoint, you’ll probably want to try the level again and make it to the next gate. After all, the levels aren’t that long. It’s possible you’ll keep making one mistake after another. But the frustration of being just a little off will make you want to try again. Eventually, you’ll probably figure out what you should be doing and when.

Gravity Guy has terrific sci-fi graphics and smooth animations. The game offers thirty levels set over three worlds, which will provide you with hours of play. In addition, under practice mode, you can select the specific level you wish to play, as long as it has already been unlocked. This will allow you to focus on the course ahead without worrying about anyone catching up with you. Aside from the main story gameplay, a multiplayer mode caters to up to four players on the same device, but unfortunately, there isn’t yet online multiplayer, which would be lots more fun if facilitated by Game Center.

Gravity Guy is highly recommended to casual gamers fond of run-and-jump platform games. At just $0.99 in the App Store now, the game’s a steal.

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