iSkin solu vu case for iPhone 4 Review

By on Dec 20, 2010 at 9:30 am

Today, we had the opportunity to check out the latest iPhone 4 case offering by iSkin, the solu vu. The shiny and sleek slide-in case was designed for the sophisticated iPhone 4 owner with discerning tastes. Let’s see what it’s all about.

The iSkin solu vu case for iPhone 4 is made from a combination of clear polycarbonate and soft-polymer layer. It is both a soft and hard case that boasts a shiny front exterior with an art deco design in the back. The case also features iSkin’s exclusive Mibroban antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria and fungus from forming on their product.

The solu vu is a slip on case, with the top cut out to easily slide the iPhone 4 into place. It is slim case, so your iPhone 4 will maintain its sleek look and feel. The home button, volume controls and docking port are all covered by the case, the only parts that remain exposed to the elements are, of course, the display, the front and rear facing camera, flash, mute button and the top portion of your device (on/off switch and headphone jack port).

The case feels good in your hands. Because of the design embedded onto the sides of the case, it provides good grip so there’s no fear of the phone slipping away. You may order the case in one of three colors; Velvet (purple), Onyx (black, as tested) or Merlot (red).

The iSkin solu vu case for iPhone 4 is recommended to those looking to buy a beautiful case to compliment their device. It’s sleek, modern and provides a good level of protection for the iPhone 4. The iSkin solu vu is priced at $39.99 each and is available through iSkin’s website or at one of their many iSkin retail stores near you.

Note: A product sample was provided by the manufacturer for use in this article.

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