iTunes is charmed – two Social Jitney apps are New and Noteworthy

By on Dec 20, 2010 at 2:12 am

Sunnyvale, California – iTunes is charmed – two Social Jitney apps are awarded “New and Noteworthy” status in just two weeks. Social Jitney developed “New and Noteworthy” apps “Say No To Police” and “The Story Home” for their clients, Ralph Behr ESQ, and for children’s educators The Story Home. Social Jitney, a major developer of mobile applications for the iPhone and Android platform, makes top quality apps for their clients.

The Story Home’s “New and Noteworthy” status brings Social Jitneys featured app count to three in total. Social Jitney’s “Alphabets in the Zoo,” created for client Googly, was a “New and Noteworthy” iPad application and ranked #1 on the education chart in April of 2010.

“This may be an unprecedented achievement for a third-party developer,” says Social Jitney CEO Salman Ghaznavi. “We are unaware of another developer having three “New and Noteworthy” apps, and certainly haven’t heard of any having two featured apps in such a short period. “New and Noteworthy” status gives a new application high visibility in iTunes. It’s what we strive for with every app we create. Our clients can expect us to create the highest quality apps, each and every time. When the client’s ideas are as strong as those found in “Say No to The Police” and The Story Home” we have a good chance of garnering this type of recognition for their apps.

“Say No to the Police” is an app designed to educate the average person on their rights when dealing with the police. “The Story Home,” is a delightful children’s app which features new and timeless audio stories including classics like Beauty and the Beast and charming originals like “A Christmas Orange.”

“We can’t discuss all the new applications we have in the pipeline at the moment – but our clients and our developers have a very impressive set of apps set to roll out for the holidays and in Q1 2011. We have new games, informational apps, eBooks and utilities. It’s a very busy time for our team, but we’re all passionate about the work so we enjoy the pace.”

Social Jitney’s client Googly will shortly be releasing the sequel to the children’s hit, “Alphabets in the Zoo.” The new app “Alphabets in the Sea” features extraordinary animation, music and games. “We expect it to be a big hit for Googly,” shares Ghaznavi.

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