Scosche Kickback g4 for iPhone 4- A Speck Candyshell Competitor

By on Dec 21, 2010 at 6:06 pm

Possibly a perfect match for any casual user. Just what is the casual user? Defined by statistics an average user has 40 apps, 2 videos, and 54 songs. On my iPhone 30% of the apps are played in landscape mode, all videos are played in landscape mode, and cover flow is in landscape mode. Since all content is not in landscape mode what are you to do, carry a stand everywhere you go? Definitely not! Scosche has come up with a case which works as a stand and a case. It’s called the Kickback g4!


The Scosche Kickback is made out of a Glossy polycarbonate and a shock resistant silicone inner layer. Scosche has incorporated the two layers into one great iPhone 4 case. This design keeps your iPhone scratch resistant and the inner layer is to keep your iPhone 4 shock resistant. The biggest feature? The reason for naming the case the Kickback? It’s because of the convenient stand which is attached to the back of the case. The stand is pretty sturdy and does not come out easily. I have dropped my iPhone dummy(on purpose) with the stand out. It fell directly on the stand and did not break. Bravo to Scosche for this great design!

Scosche’s Kickback is very easily installed. Place the right edge into the case and snap the other side on. Unlike the Speck Candyshell the Scosche Kickback, is much thinner. It retains the sleek design of the iPhone 4 without giving up protection. A frequent problem I usually have with glossy cases are they scratch, easily. I do have to say Scosche’s polycarbonate is more scratch resistant then the Speck Candyshell, but not by much. The silicone bezel which protects the iPhone’s screen from directly hitting the surface is pretty low. This means it will provide enough protection for gently laying the phone down. Speck’s Candyshell is bigger but it adds bulk. The upper left corner where the 3.5mm headphone jack and noise cancellation mic are located has a big cutout. This ensures every headphone cable fits. Volume buttons, which are a big part of the iPhone 4, are very easily accessed. They can be clicked easy without much effort.

There is one MAJOR problem with the case. It’s called flash flooding. This is when the flash floods the image making it look distorted. Flash flooding especially occurs when using a white case. Why does this happen? The light bounces off the white case and ruins the photo. Case makers combat this problem by doing one of two things. Some case makers, such as Speck, place a black ring around the camera and flash. This keeps the case from reflecting the flash. Other case companies, such as Ballistic, keep a small layer of felt on the inside. This ensures the flash from reflecting off the phone and flooding the picture. Scosche on the other hand, has not incorporated any of these features. To see how this affects the image look at the following two images. The first one is how it looks without flash, the 2nd one is how it looks with Flash flooding. Also note that the Flash flooded image was taken when the Auto feature was on. I did not manually turn on flash.

Overall, the Kickback G4 is a great case. If you don’t take many images with flash, then you should not let Flash Flooding affect you. The case is available for $34.99. It is a bit steep due to the flash flood problem, but if that problem was not present I would be more then happy to shed out that much. You can order the case directly from Scosche. It comes in three different color combinations. White on Gray, Gray on Gray, and Black on Black.


I recommend this case for anyone who enjoys playing apps in landscape or watching movies.

I do not recommend this case for heavy picture takers.



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