Moshi Concerti for iPad: A Stylish Solution for the Apple iPad Case

By on Dec 19, 2010 at 3:38 pm

A problem I had with the iPad case that Apple has was how bland it looked. It didn’t offer much protection and picked up dust, fast. The Moshi Concerti has a two layer design which keeps it protected. It also has a suede outer layer which keeps the case looking nice and clean. How does the Moshi Concerti do this? Read on to find out!


The Moshi Concerti is made up of two layers of protection. An outer microfiber layer that comes in three colors. Falcon Gray, Tyrian Purple, and Sahara Beige. The outer layer has it’s pros and cons. The outer layer is a soft suede, this allows the iPad to be easily held without feeling uncomfortable. The edges of the case however look very cheap. Many fibers stick out and reduce the overall appeal of the case. Other then the edges the microfiber does not seem cheap. There is just one problem with any microfiber case. When someone moves their hand around the case the shading of the case changes, from a light color, to a dark color. This does not have to do with the quality just the way all microfibers are made. Stitching of the case is very tight which is comforting for rigorous users. If you are questioning how the suede feels check out this review. Note: The case is not made of actual suede rather microfibers that make it easier to clean.

The inside of the case is made out of a durable silicone. Silicone used in this case is very thick which keeps the iPad protected. This silicone is attached to the microfibers on the inside of the case. I am not quite sure what keeps the two bonded but it seems very sturdy. All ports can easily be accessed, the only problem I have had was the mute button. You do have to actually see where it is to slide the button over. Never once have I used this button so I do not mind.

On the inside portion of the case you will find 4 ridges. These ridges allow the iPad to stand. This makes watching videos, or playing SimCity Deluxe easy. The ridges also double as a place to rest your hand. One can slide their hand through the back of the ridges and can easily hold their iPad in portrait. Dust collection on the case is not a problem. A few dust particles accumulate here and there but these can be removed easily. There is much less collection then the Apple iPad case. Another great feature? A handy wrist strap allows you to keep a safety net between you holding your iPad and dropping it.

The Moshi Concerti is an excellent case for any casual or business user. The price can be a bit high for some but I think it’s worth while. You can buy this case directly from Moshi for the price of $55.


I recommend this case for any user who watches many videos, likes to draw art, or use Keynote. The Moshi Concerti appeals to just about anybody.

I do not recommend using this case if you are working in the construction industry.

Recommended for the holidays!



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