Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 Review- Finally a Great Way to Take Videos

By on Dec 19, 2010 at 7:45 pm

The iPhone 4 came with one excellent camera. The iPhone’s camera comes with three great features. A five megapixel camera, HD video recording, and flash. With all of these features you would think you could take excellent photos every time. But you soon realize that many videos and images turn out blurry. Joby has brought forth an excellent solution.


Joby specializes in flexible grips that make life easier. Joby’s flexible grips are like tripods except they can adjust and attach to objects. With the Gorillamobile your iPhone can hang onto a pole, stick, or just remain steady. Gorillamobile for the iPhone 4 has three flexible legs which are made of small adjustable balls. The size of the tripod is not too long but long enough to stand tall and take excellent videos. Just how does a tripod attach to your iPhone? It doesn’t. The tripod is attached to a plastic bumper case. Pulling the bumper separates the case which can accommodate your iPhone. If one places the upper left hand corner of the iPhone in first the rest of the iPhone will snap into place. Once one places their iPhone 4 in he/she might notice air bubbles appearing on the screen protecter. This can be fixed with a gentle slide of a credit card over the screen after removing it from the bumper.

The top of the bumper has a silver button for the sleep/wake button. It also has a port for the 3.5mm headphone jack and a small hole for the noise canceling microphone. The bottom features three separate ports for the microphone, 30-pin connecter, and the speaker. Volume buttons are located along with the vibrate button on the left edge of the case. The volume buttons are made out of the same materials as the sleep/wake button. The volume buttons are a bit loose but can easily control the volume without too much effort. Vibrate button, well that’s the same story. It can be accessed and moved properly without actually seeing it. The overall quality of the case is decent. However I would not trust this case without it being positioned on the tripod.

Now onto the tripod. The tripod, as mentioned above, is made of small balls that are adjustable. These make the overall tripod flexible and make it easy to attach to objects. The sides of the balls are made out of rubber which improves the overall grip of the device. The only problem is when you try to attach the iPhone to a metal light pole, where it starts to slip. Another great feature of the Gorillamobile is Joby’s app which is free. It comes with a timer which can delay the time of when the picture is taken. This really helps because the tripod can shake when taking a still picture. Videos on the other hand do not have this problem. Don’t even get me started with FaceTime. All I can say is that it was one of the easiest video chatting experiences. The sound is very clear and the tripod makes it easy to work on a computer without a camera and FaceTime.

Overall, the Gorillamobile is an excellent solution for your photo taking needs on the iPhone 4. Since it features an HD Video Camera and a 5-megapixel still picture camera you need an excellent solution for making it as close to a digital camera as possible. The Gorillamobile comes very close to making that happen. The price is very reasonable especially since Joby is having a 40% off sale for the holidays. This makes the Gorillamobile kit only $29.95 and comes directly from Joby.


I recommend this case for anyone who rather not spend too much money on a digital camera.

I also recommend this case for the user who would like to take excellent pictures on a winter vacation.



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