YP – AT&T Yellow Pages for iPhone Review

By on Dec 17, 2010 at 8:10 am

When you’re out and about, can you find what you need at the right time? YP – AT&T Yellow Pages for iPhone, by YELLOWPAGES.COM LLC, can come to your aid. This navigation app, with its mobile and interactive yellow pages, can help you locate businesses on a map and provide you both contact information and directions.

YP – AT&T Yellow Pages for iPhone is a free navigation app and directory. You can search for what you want by tapping colorful photos, typing in keywords, or even just speaking into the microphone.

The app offers a few main categories for you to browse with your fingers. Under PLAY, you can find hotels, movie theaters, and nightclubs, for instance, and under EAT, you can find restaurants of various categories, from humble pizzas to exotic cuisines. DRINK will show you bars, cafes, and other places at which you can quench your thirst, while under LIVE, you can find banks, post offices, beauty salons, and more. Of course, we cannot forget SHOP. Look for that perfect gift for him or her. In addition to finding directory information of businesses and locating them on a map, you can sometimes obtain offer coupons for special package deals or discounts. The app will also list events, from art shows to musical performances. All this can help you better plan and organize your entire life.

YP – AT&T Yellow Pages for iPhone is easy to use. Popular listings are available at the swipe and tap of your fingers, and you can at any time check through your recent searches or bookmark specific businesses as your favorites. Alternatively, you can add businesses to your iPhone Contacts. When you come across a business you especially like or hate, you can immediately rate or review it. Through this same rating system, you can identify hot new restaurants to try or find a better hairdresser. If you’re planning to meet up with friends at a certain restaurant or store you can email the business listings to them or post to Facebook or Twitter. All in, YP helps you make your life easier — and all for free.

YP – AT&T Yellow Pages for iPhone is recommended to anyone living in the US, and is available as a free download in the App Store.


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  • Scott

    Good review. Great App!

  • Good Review. Great App!