Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Are you fond of pirates and ninjas and zombies and pandas but can’t decide which game to play because they all appear in separate games? Now, with Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas by PAN Vision AB, you can play with them all and pit one group against the other. Drop a pirate or ninja or zombie into a cannon and launch them at the innocent looking pandas who sit amid their brick and bamboo towers. Don’t fret for the pandas though. They’ll get their chance at vengeance too!

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas, otherwise known as PvNvZvP, is a physics-based puzzler for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Though the game is pretty much styled after Angry Birds, PvNvZvP brings its own uniqueness into the fold.

There are four main campaigns to the game, each of which consists of multiple levels. First, it’s Everyone vs. Pandas. You’ll start by targeting pirates at the roly-poly pandas. You’ll have to decimate all the pandas before you can pass the stage and proceed to the next level, and you’ll earn more points by destroying as much as you can. Your performance will be evaluated and you’ll be awarded up to three stars. Once you have accumulated enough stars, you’ll unlock the next campaign, Everyone vs. Pirates. The next two campaigns for you to unlock are Everyone vs. Ninjas and Everyone vs. Zombies. As a Christmas treat, PvNvZvP has just presented a special fifth addition: Santa Ninja vs. Panda Claus.

In PvNvZvP, different attackers — even in the same group — may have unique abilities. For instance, there are regular pirates as well as fire pirates, who can set fire to the pandas’ precious bamboo. Likewise, aside from regular zombies, you can employ rotting zombies, each of which can drop three rotting bombs if you tap on the screen while they’re in the air. As for ninjas, if you tap while a chop ninja’s in the air, he’ll strike down in a sudden and powerful dive.

Despite all the special powers at your disposal, the game gets progressively challenging. Other than the difficulty of destroying structures that hide and support the targets, you’ll also be impeded by obstacles in the form of “hostages”. The attackers may have their own kind sitting near or within the enemy’s midst. Should you hit a friend instead of a foe, you’ll immediately fail the level. Thus, you’ll have to be precise and careful in aiming. For those who appreciate constant challenges, PvNvZvP will not disappoint. Altogether, the game is well rounded, offering great graphics with cute animations and sound effects, and a good length of gameplay consisting of fifty-seven levels.

You get bonus points awarded for each unused attacker, so fire as few shots as you can. Regular characters are worth 500 points, while those with special abilities will get you 1000 points, if unused.

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys challenging physics puzzlers, especially fans of Angry Birds. Get PvNvZvP now in the App Store for just $0.99.

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    They really need to improve graphics and physics on the game.