Mobile App Revenue; Projected to Top $35 Billion by 2014

By on Dec 15, 2010 at 12:39 pm

According to a recent report by ReadWriteMobile, it is projected that the ever growing mobile applications market will continue to rise from its current state of 10.9 billion downloads to an astonishing 76.9 billion downloads by 2014, generating a whopping $35 billion in revenue worldwide.

International Data Corp (IDC) also backs this summary, reporting that many market analysts have all come to the same conclusion. IDC’s Scott Ellison, vice president of Mobile and Wireless research stated, “”Mobile app developers will ‘appify’ just about every interaction you can think of in your physical and digital worlds. The extension of mobile apps to every aspect of our personal and business lives will be one of the hallmarks of the new decade with enormous opportunities for virtually every business sector.”

There’s money to be made, people! Anyone have any good ideas?



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