iQuarters Review for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

By on Dec 15, 2010 at 9:00 am

What can you do in your office when you’re bored? How about taking a break and tossing some coins? iQuarters by Incredible Technologies, Inc challenges you to toss quarters past various obstacles and into glasses. If you exhibit extra skill by bouncing the quarters off other objects before finally landing them in the glasses, you’ll score bonus points.

iQuarters is a universal app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You’ll be given a stash of forty quarters each game to toss away as you wish. You can achieve surer shots by tossing a quarter into the nearest and easiest glass, or you can experiment and find out how your quarter can ricochet off other objects on the table.

iQuarters offers twelve rounds in both Classic and Practice modes. Each round presents you with unique challenges of progressive difficulty. In Classic mode, you’ll have to land a quarter in a glass three times before you’ll advance to the next scene. If you lose too many coins and run out, it’s game over. Obstacles include moving objects, such as a pendulum and a rotating toy plane. You’ll have to time your shots so as to avoid the obstacles knocking your quarter away from the glasses. Sometimes, certain objects are not obstacles but chances for you to score extra points. If your quarter hits the cell phone, for instance, it will flip open to toss your quarter, which may hit yet another object or fly through the air and land in an otherwise tough-to-reach glass. Each ricochet will earn you ten bonus points. You’ll also receive additional points by scoring several shots in a row. Scenes within Practice mode will only be unlocked after you have completed the respective levels within Classic mode.

What is most fun about iQuarters is achieving ricochet shots. Tossing the coins isn’t so easy to get right all the time, however. While you can control your shot angle, it’s rather mystical how a coin decides how far it flies. Flicking your finger faster or slower, farther or nearer doesn’t make any noticeable difference to the distance your coin travels. It’s this imprecise (or random) shot handling that makes iQuarters less impressive than it could be. The game otherwise possesses excellent graphics and worthy challenges.

If you wish to unlock all the levels in Practice mode as fast as you can, you can play it safe by going for the easier shots. Following this, you can challenge yourself by aiming for more ricochets.

iQuarters is recommended to casual gamers who enjoy taking aim at stuff. The game is currently on offer in the App Store for $0.99.

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