Holiday Giveaway for Dec 15: Intel AppUp Developer Program HP Netbook

By on Dec 15, 2010 at 12:01 am

Welcome to Appmodo’s Holiday Daily Giveaway! Beginning December 1st through December 24th, we’ll be giving away free prizes every day which include netbook computers, iOS games, PC/Mac games, iTunes Gift Cards, iDevice cases/batteries, posters, DVD movies, figurines, comics, and more! Today’s giveaway is for an HP Netbook Computer from Intel’s AppUp Developer Program.

Product Details

HP Mini 2102 black netbook with an Intel Atom N455 processor, RAM 1 GB, HDD 250 GB, GMA 3150 graphics card, WLAN with 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, Windows 7 Starter software, 10.1″ Widescreen TFT, 1024 x 600 ( WSVGA ) display with built in camera, with Intel AppUp center preinstalled. Estimated value: $494.99.


Update Dec 17: The winner has been emailed. Thank you all for our participation!

The contest begins December 15, 2010 at 12:00AM PST and ENDS December 15, 2010 at 11:59PM PST.

1) Simply re-tweet this particular giveaway on Twitter and/or Like it to your Facebook account (located at top of article). THEN…
2) Post a comment below stating what makes for a great application – is it great graphics? Music? UI experience? DLC content?. If you are a developer, answer why you would participate in the AppUp Developer Program?

!!!!!!When you post your comment be sure to include your Twitter @username or Facebook name (whatever you used) AND provide an email address so we can verify your submission!

To be eligible for shipment, winners MUST be located in the United States or Canada.

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Good luck!

Special thanks goes out to Intel AppUp Developer Program, Disney Mobile, Chillingo, iBeats by Dr. Dre from Monster, Fox Digital Entertainment, EA Mobile, Speck Products, mophie, bioserie, PlayFirst, Oceanhouse Media, PopCap, Bolt Creative, and more.

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  • SoulShading

    @SoulShading – L3gum4n at hotmail dotcom To me, what makes a great application is first its utility or entertainment value. Then comes a second evaluation on what really brings this app. Is it new or has already been done a bazillion times? Does it at least try to innovate? And then comes the production values. It is well made and accessible? All those steps defines a great app to me.

  • Zero

    @ZeroP1 krazedrag300 at gmail com What makes a great application is 2 thing, usefulness and ease of use. The app has to fulfill a need and even the most complicated app has to be accessible to everyone.

  • Jcman7

    What I think makes a great application is one that has a good UI, it has to be clean and clear and give the user a sense of ease and quality. I want something that is simple and not to crazy in design. I think if you can make something user friendly then everyone will be happy. Graphics are important, people are visual and we like things that look nice, its human nature. You can tell when an application has had a lot of effort into it or it was just thrown together time is the key part in making something good. Tweeted @JCman7 Liked on FB: James D Email: JCman7 at aol dot com

  • Mr. Charley

    A great application is one that is extremely useful, does a lot of things, but is also very easy to use. The UI obviously has to be fantastic as without a good UI, the user experience can become frustrating. In reality, a great application not only does what it’s supposed to do, but makes you enjoy using it. @mistercharley

    • JCman7

      Congrats on winning Mr. C!!!

  • Tweet – @Dove056 Dove056 at aol dot com

  • A good application should be one that makes your work/play time more enjoyable. It should fulfil the task with more ease and aid you in a more efficient way than previously. If an app bogs down my system with swallowing up my memory…I toss it. I like it simple yet enjoyable. Dove056 at aol dot com Thanks for the awesome Giveaways! Have a blessed Christmas Season!

  • Mr. Charley

    Ooops, forgot to add my email address mistercharley (at) gmail (dot) com

  • oskat

    A great application is one that is free of bugs! @oskat oskatontwitter [at] gmail [dot] com

  • To me what makes a great application is longevity and developer involvement. If a developer takes the time to listen to his/her user community then what starts out as even just a mediocre game or app can evolve into something amazingly wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    Applications that have a lot of eye candy can get your attention, and usually add to your enjoyment and experience. But a great application should have a UI that is immediately intuitive. I don’t want to battle with an app just be able to use it regardless of how much eye candy it has. If it’s a utility, it should make my life easier rather than add more clutter. If it’s a game/puzzle, then it should it should have a difficulty curve that challenges you to progress, but doesn’t frustrate you to the point of abandonment. @cjsbug cjsbug (at) gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    Not sure about AppUp Developer Program, but as a user, I’m demand an effective interface whether its a game or a utility.

  • Anonymous

    Ease of use, great graphics, is it something I need? and is it something I want? Will it enrich my life? @miriama59 miriama59 at yahoo dot com

  • Anonymous

    A great application is one that is polished and helps with your daily life. An application is always good if the developer listens to the feedback and makes changes. Twitter:yankeesfan08311 Facebook: Avery Landau Email: yankeefan08311(at)gmail(dot)com

  • I liked on Facebook as I could not find the tweet to retweet. Anyway, what makes a good app is definaetly user interface and quick startup. If it is easier to use the net then why wouldn’t I? My facebook is Aaron Shaw PhD My email address is: aaronshawphd at gmail dot com

  • a great app draws the user in. So interactivity is crucial as well as a great storyline or mechanics. Nowadays though where graphics are real important to get people visually desiring the app, it is good to have nicely polished graphics :) Thanks guys!

  • Easy of use and user friendly

  • Songbirdeeee

    An application is only as good as its underlying concept. If the concept is not original or in some way unique then it won’t be worth very much. And original idea or a nice twist on an older idea will make for a great selling point and will please the users. Once the concept is covered then all the smaller, but still important details come into play. The graphics will really help out and a nice UI is a must. The instructions (if there are any/if needed) should be presented in an easy to understand manner and it would be preferable if not too many were presented at once. It is also a really good idea to make it such that the instructions can be revisited at any time in case the user opens the app and then doesn’t use it for a bit or another user tries to use it. Music is important based upon what type of app it is. The prompt question doesn’t state whether or not we’re talking about a game… In games, well suited music is necessary and the ability to switch to one’s iPod library music is a good idea since no matter how good your music for the game is, you can’t always please everyone’s individual taste. In none game apps, music may or may not be so necessary.

  • Anonymous

    a great app is entertaining, visually pleasing with great sound.