Vikings Can Fly! Review for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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“I can fly. I want to fly. I will fly.” It’s crazy dreams like this that fuel inventions. In Vikings Can Fly! by Forge 11, a big-sized Viking named Bjorn falls in love with a valkyrie and he yearns to fly through the nine worlds of the Norse Gods in order to find her. Can you help him gear up with various wacky contraptions to fly farther and higher?

Vikings Can Fly! is a casual, side-scrolling game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The hero of this game is Bjorn, the Viking son of King Erik, who initially tries to dissuade Bjorn from hurting himself in an attempt to fly.

One day, Bjorn chances upon a beautiful valkyrie bathing at a waterfall. He fell for her immediately, but she ran away. In order to hopefully find her, he’ll have to fly through the nine worlds governed by the Norse Gods. As an inventor, he has an assortment of strange machinery in his laboratory, but none of them are complete, so he’ll have to earn money in order to buy the materials he needs to finish building more flying aids.

Bjorn starts his flights by running and leaping off a cliff. During flights, he can collect gold and earn extra money by doing tricks and flying farther. With this money you accumulate, you can pay for more gear at Bjorn’s laboratory. First, you’ll be able to get him propeller blades to attach to his back. This doesn’t help him very much, but by tilting your device, you can make Bjorn fly upward and sideways a little farther, to “stall” him in the air. In addition, you can get a giant sling to slingshot Bjorn from the cliff, eliminating his need to run and jump. In his laboratory, you can also pay for several skill upgrades, of which there are four: Aerodynamic, Max Speed, Hill Height, and Boost Power. Three temporary boosts (Shield Runners, Flying Shoes, and Whirlwind Rune) are available too, and these are called “Gimmicks”. At any time, you can go to the village to view Bjorn’s flying log, which lists his achievements and describes the places he’s been to.

Vikings Can Fly! immediately brought to my mind an earlier game called Fly Kiwi, Fly! by Hungry Game. Indeed, Vikings Can Fly! is designed so remarkably similarly to the latter that the biggest differences lie in the background story and artwork. If I were to judge Vikings Can Fly! on its own, I’d say it could use better game instructions and controls. I’d have more fun with the game if I could control more of Bjorn’s flight, e.g. if I could pull the slingshot myself to manipulate the launch angle in addition to the shooting power. On the iPad, the game lacks resolution and appears more blurry than I would like. Hopefully, it will be polished further in future updates.

Vikings Can Fly! is a universal app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Casual gamers fond of flight games may wish to check out this $0.99 game in the App Store.


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