The Amazing Race™ – The Game Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Dec 10, 2010 at 9:15 am

Have you ever wished you could participate in The Amazing Race but lacked the time or physical will to actually do so? Now, with The Amazing Race™ – The Game by Ludia, you can pick up your iPhone or iPod Touch and join in the fun of racing around the world and testing your memory and reflexes. Can you come in first, or will you be eliminated?

The Amazing Race™ – The Game is based on the reality game show, The Amazing Race, aired on CBS. Just like in the show, the game pits teams of two against each other. Speed is crucial, and you’ve got to make it through all the challenges in order to win.

In Adventure mode, you can choose to play a five-leg tour, nine-leg journey, or eleven-leg race. Every leg will take you through the same cycle: After you’re given some travel money, you’ll have to fly to a new city where you’ll perform two different tasks, following which you’ll be ranked based on your time taken, and finally, you’ll reach the pit stop where the last team will be eliminated. Your goal is to make it all the way to the end of the race, and hopefully come in first. Each time, before you travel anywhere, you’ll be given your Route Info, which presents to you a chance to reach your next destination before the other teams. You’ll have several choices of transportation. The more expensive choices are speedier, while the slowest mode of travel may be free. You’ve got to make your decision based on how much money you have and how fast you need to be.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be presented with either a Detour or a Road Block. In the former, you can choose between two different tasks. A Road Block, on the other hand, is a single task for you to perform. Detours and Road Blocks all consist of mini-games, of which there are a total of fourteen. When you have accomplished certain game achievements, mini-games will be unlocked in Quick Play mode. Some mini-games test your memory, while others may test your reflexes or other skills. Examples of mini-games include Close-Up, in which you need to pick out the part of a larger picture that the close-up appears in; Matching, which involves memory matching of cards; Rush Hour, where you’ll need to count the number of two different types of vehicles; and Tomatina, in which you’ll have to fling tomatoes at people in the street.

All in, The Amazing Race™ – The Game has excellent graphics and easy-to-follow in-game instructions. Casual gamers should find the assorted mini-games pretty fun.

If you have enough money, try to pick the speediest mode of transportation. You are not given any bonuses for money saved. On the other hand, whenever you come in first in a leg, you’ll receive extra $50 allowance.

The Amazing Race™ – The Game, currently available in the App Store for $2.99, is recommended to avid fans of the television reality game show, as well as casual gamers who enjoy mini-games.


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