Free Apps for the Day: Word Popper, Ace Sniper 2, Rising Blocks, Rogue Runner, UniTris, Heights, Road Whiz, Yeah DJ

By on Dec 9, 2010 at 10:54 am

Today’s free downloads include several games and one entertainment app. Word Popper, Ace Sniper 2, Rising Blocks, Rogue Runner, UniTris, Heights, Road Whiz and Yeah DJ are all available as free downloads for your iPhone and iPad today. Enjoy!

Word Popper (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • Perfect when you need a quick break. Unlike Boggle, Wurdle or Scrabble you can pop any letters you see to make a word. This makes the game a fast moving bubble popping frenzy. Shake the game to pop a bunch of letters to complete your word.

Ace Sniper 2 (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • A fun sniper game, you need kill all enemy to reach target score in limited time.

Rising Blocks (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • An action puzzler that combines logic and reflexes to create a dynamic fun game. The object of the game is to keep the stack of coloured blocks from rising to the top. Match three blocks in a row horizontally or vertically to clear them. Create combos and chains for extra points.

Rogue Runner (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • You are a highly trained, top secret “super soldier” — the product of the best military training available, and a little alien technology thrown in for good measure. But now you want out! Break out of the secret desert base in a stolen jeep with rocket booster technology, or a jumping tank, and floor it.  Get as far as you can before the hordes of men in black, aliens, UFOs, black helicopters, and tailgun-mounted jeeps take you down.

UniTris (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • Multi-faceted puzzle game

Heights (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • In this enchanting vertical platformer, follow the story of a seed that was born to sleep, yet dreamt of flight. You control this little hero who refused to stay on the ground, and sought redemption in the sky.

Road Whiz (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • Drive through traffic in twisting routes, challenges you’re driving on high speed race tracks. Incredible sense of speed and beautifully surrounding landscapes with awesome sound tracks make it one of the most addictive car racing titles available on iphone.

Yeah DJ (for iPhone and iPad) – iTunes Link

  • Scratch your favourite songs on a turntable like a DJ.


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