Indisposable 1.0.1 for iOS – Personal Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting

By on Dec 8, 2010 at 3:20 am

Glendale Heights, Illinois – Independent developer John Carlin today is pleased to announce Indisposable 1.0.1, an update to his personal cash flow analysis and forecasting app for iOS. The app enables the user to easily evaluate any personal financial decision by calculating its consequences. After inputting the date and amount of recurring and one-time income, plus recurring and one-time expenses, the app can accurately forecast cash flow from one week to six months in the future. This allows the user to safely test various interest, credit, income, and expense scenarios. Indisposable, therefore, might best be described as a “what if” personal finance calculator. The app is optimized for the Retina display, and supports iOS 4 multi-tasking.

On launch in portrait mode, the app displays This Week, the present date through the next six days. Three line items appear that are automatically filled in based on the user’s initial inputting of income and expenses: Cash Today, Scheduled Income, and Scheduled Expense. Below, highlighted in green is the Projected Balance for the end of the period, the sum of the previous three items. A bold line separates this summary from a scrollable list of each individual income and expense item accounted for during the selected, one-week projection.

Indisposable displays its forecasting capabilities when the user moves from This Week to one of the other projection period buttons: 3 Weeks, 6 Weeks, 3 Months, or 6 Months. The user can see at a glance all income and expenses as a running tally over extended periods of time. This long-term view makes it easier to spot potential cash flow problems, and may suggest alternative financial strategies. The app features a Low Balance alert, where the user can enter any cash balance amount and receive an alert during any forecast period.

Feature Highlights:
* Support for single and repeating payments (income & expense)
* Automatic scheduling of repeating payments
* Ability to edit a single payment that is part of a repeating series
* Calendar-based payment date selection with projected balance
* Optional passcode protection of your payment data
* Graphics optimized for the Retina display
* Supports iOS 4 multitasking

Inputting Cash, Expenses, and Income is accomplished by choosing either the piggy bank icon for cash, or the income/expense icon. The cash icon brings up a full screen numerical keypad with automatic decimal entry. The other icon brings up a pop-up window, allowing the user to select either New Income or New Expense. Choosing New Income enables entry of the Company name, Amount, Date, and whether the income is recurring weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or non-recurring. Choosing New Expense permits entry into the same text fields, but now as a debit. The app supports entry of exceptions to recurring transactions. Also featured are an editable library of Companies, and a user-definable Passcode.

“Indisposable is a practical ‘what if’ tool for personal finance,” stated CEO John Carlin. “If someone is considering relocating or a change in pay, they can use Indisposable to see what a future cash balance may look like. Perhaps someone had a large unexpected expense or a series of small expenses, which results in a cash balance that is less than anticipated. Indisposable can take that cash balance and alert of any danger ahead. Maybe someone is considering paying extra towards a credit card balance or wants to know the impact of holiday shopping. The scenarios are pretty much limitless and can all be safely tested in the app.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4 tested)
* 0.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Indisposable 1.0.1 costs $1.99 (USD) and is available in 22 territories through the App Store in the Finance category. Review copies are available upon request.

Indisposable 1.0.1
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Based in Glendale Heights, Illinois, John Carlin is an independent software developer specializing in apps for iOS. Copyright (C) 2010 John Carlin. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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