Talking Santa for iPhone Review

By on Dec 9, 2010 at 9:41 am

Santa doesn’t always slide down chimneys. In Talking Santa for iPhone by Outfit7, he falls down from the sky. Luckily, he hasn’t forgotten his big sack of gifts. With Christmas just a little over two weeks away, this is just the right app to add some festive cheer to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Kids can also have fun playing with the jolly red-suited old man. Ho ho ho.

Talking Santa for iPhone is an entertainment app that lets you interact with a 3D Santa Claus. You can be nice to him and feed him milk and cookies, or you can also bully him.

Would you like a gift, or even several? Just tap on Santa’s big sack and he’ll pull out a red gift box, which will spring open to surprise you. Maybe you’ll get a Jack-in-a-box, a snowboard, or even cash. You can then thank Santa by offering him some milk and cookies, which will slide over on a red sled. If Santa is unlucky, Tom Cat may pop over to steal his milk.

You can tickle Santa on his big round belly to make him laugh, or if you’re feeling mean, you can slap his face or kick him on the shins. Alternatively, you can send him some snow. Shake your device to make it snow, or tap the snowball icon at the bottom right of your screen, upon which a giant white snowball will roll Santa over. When you talk to Santa, he will listen and repeat every word you say in his jolly old voice. You can even record videos of your time spent with Santa.

Talking Santa for iPhone has fabulous 3D graphics and slick animation. It serves as a great countdown to Christmas, and kids will especially have fun talking and playing with Santa. The app also offers two Christmas postcards you can send to friends and family via email or facebook upload.

Talking Santa for iPhone is recommended to everyone who can’t wait for Christmas and would like to take Santa everywhere with them. The entertainment app is currently available in the App Store for $1.99.


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