Free Apps for the Day: Time Lapse Photo Journal Express, Duel: Blade & Magic, The Infinity Project, Future Racer, Cosmosis, Car Jack Streets, Amber Battery Pro, Tap Tap Bear Piano, Smooth Solitaire

By on Dec 7, 2010 at 11:19 am

Today’s free downloads include several games, a utility and a photography app. Time Lapse Photo Journal Express, Duel: Blade & Magic, The Infinity Project, Future Racer, Cosmosis, Car Jack Streets, Amber Battery Pro, Tap Tap Bear Piano and Smooth Solitaire are all available as free downloads for your iPhone and iPad today. Enjoy!

Time Lapse Photo Journal Express (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • Create Photo Journals of your life, by adding photos of yourself or loved ones, and then playing back the photos you take over the weeks, months or years, as Time Lapse video slideshows. Videos can be uploaded to Facebook to share with your friends.

Duel: Blade & Magic (for iPhone and iPad) – iTunes Link

  • An RPG fighting game where you battle friends and monsters alike.

The Infinity Project (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • This Adventure / Action FPS, is a different kind of FPS for the iPhone.
  • The year is 2248, Earth is at war with the Talon’s, an extremely aggressive and unknown race that attacked Earth without provocation. As Commander Ethan Avery, you’re sent to Infinity Station, a research and development facility located in deep space currently developing controversial technologies. Earth has lost contact with the Top Secret station and sends you to investigate. Explore the station to find keys that unlock the next area of the station. Unlock the mystery behind The Infinity Project.

Future Racer (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • A high speed, anti-gravity racer boasting fully 3D environments and a wide range of fiendish tracks set to test your reflexes to the limit.

Cosmosis (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • An action packed, arcade style 2D space shooter, featuring stunning space backdrops and awesome parallax scrolling backgrounds.

Car Jack Streets (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • High octane, action, driving and crime game with innovative real time game-play, stunning visuals and an awesome 80 minute soundtrack.

Amber Battery Pro (for iPhone) – iTunes Link

  • Battery Status – You can find 17 types of batteries available time.
  • Full cycle Charge – Displays battery charge state. Amber Battery has special feature.  Find out whether the battery has a full charge.
  • 100+ user theme – Has more than 100 of the user, the color, the national themes. You have the wide selection of themes.
  • 10+ battery alarm sounds – You can hear the battery full charge sound.
  • Build theme with any photo – You can make your own theme with any photo, such as a photo of your family, friends, pet, favorite actor, art photo, etc. If these photos are in your album, you can easily import, zoom and place them just two click.
  • Battery Tips – The various tips on battery life helps that you can using the device longer.
  • Battery Wizard – You can forecast the lifetime of the battery by the first day of using your device.

Tap Tap Bear Piano (for iPhone and iPad) – iTunes Link

  • A simple piano made from 8 little bears that animate and play sounds as you touch them.

Smooth Solitaire (for iPhone and iPad) – iTunes Link

  • If you like Solitaire then this is the game for you! Both Klondike 1 and Klondike 3 are included and you can move by tap and drag, tap and then tap or double tap to move up to top. Our natural movement system lets you play the way you like. Now with multiple backgrounds and card backs including special Christmas theme!


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