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While Braveheart, an action-RPG game by Gaijin Entertainment, bears the same title as Mel Gibson’s movie, the game is not about a Scotsman fighting for his homeland. Instead, a knight called Richard is ordered, as punishment for his unruly behavior, to find the Holy Grail. This quest has him venturing through hostile territories. As Richard, you will battle hordes of enemies, including monsters and sorcerers who wield terrifying magic.

Braveheart is a top-down action-RPG for the iPhone and iPod Touch in which you’ll be spinning a flail or a sword and shooting with crossbows. Can you prevail through all the dangers to find the Holy Grail and earn as a reward the princess’s hand in marriage?

In Braveheart, you’ll have five regions to fight through: Dark Forest, Dead Swamp, Ancient Jungle, Terra Incognita, and Dragon mountain. Each region offers several levels, including a boss level. The controls are all gesture based. You can control character movement by either tapping on the area you wish him to move to or drawing lines on the screen. You’ll start off with a flail, which you have to “wind up” by twirling your finger anywhere on the screen. To fire with a crossbow, you’ll have to hold a finger down on the screen, and with another finger, tap at your targeted spot. An alternative control scheme consisting of a virtual joystick and a fire button for the crossbow is also available in the options menu. As you progress up in levels, you can upgrade your character’s skills and abilities, as well as buy and upgrade weapons. The Armory (weapons shop) offers several types of flails and crossbows, and just one sword (named Excalibur). Other shops and additional perks will also be unlocked along the way. You can buy potions at the Chemist’s, and a perks shop lets you give your character extra abilities. Other than the main Campaign, there’s also an alternative game mode in the form of challenges, such as a speed run, in which you have to finish a stage as fast as possible.

Though the fighting action may at first seem repetitive, the gradually increasing difficulty and introduction of new enemies keeps the gameplay from being monotonous. You can also go hunting, which gives you the chance to gain more experience and gold. During battles, you can gather not only gold, but also various bonuses and power-ups, such as fire for your melee weapon. Sometimes the enemy may appear more powerful than you, especially with their spell casting. If you see a greenish-blue pentagram appear under your character, it means someone is casting a spell, so you’d best move away quickly. The caster also will have a pentagram under him.

Overall, Braveheart is polished action game with good replay value, especially because of its RPG elements. Graphics are excellent, and the controls are smooth. On my iPhone 3GS, I experienced a few instances when the screen would temporarily freeze during battles, but the game is fun enough that this was just a minor annoyance.

Different types of enemies have different abilities and weaknesses. For instance, the spell-casting boss in the last level of Dark Forest has the ability to teleport away, which he promptly does if you try to attack him with a melee weapon. Thus, you’ll have to defeat him by continually targeting him with a crossbow.

Braveheart, currently available in the App Store for $1.99, is well recommended to fans of action and RPG games. Don’t hesitate to check it out.

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