Zombieville USA Updated, Buy More Ammo!

By on Apr 22, 2009 at 2:39 am

zombieville usa ammoThe hugely popular Zombieville USA shooter game for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been updated to version 1.2. These changes are not applied to the free version of the game.  For those of you who haven’t played this game, unless you are afraid of zombies, blood and a little bit of gore, well–you should.  It’s super addicting, and really entertaining.

After a long meeting at the office, break out Zombieville and get some of your frustrations out on some zombies.  In Zombieville USA, you are a heavy-breathing hunter who can be armed with various weapons, shooting the walking dead as he moves from level to level.  You can duck inside homes to pick up more ammo, or cash.

Prior to the 1.2 update, at the end of each level you could purchase new weapons, but not more ammo.  The problem with this is that as the game gets violently harder (level 30+), you run out of ammo very quickly.  I’ve personally only managed to get to level 33 before dying miserably as a swarm of zombies attack me in some sort of weird karate-chop maneuver.  At least they’re kind of cute.

With the Free 1.2 version update, the game offers:

  • The ability to purchase ammo at the end of  each level
  • Listen to your own music instead of the (rather groovy) default track
  • The game honors the Mute switch on your device

They’ve made some performance improvements, along with some higher resolution artwork, although I couldn’t tell the difference with this update.  Being able to buy more ammo is going to allow me to easily break my previous records.


Here are a few of my Zombieville USA tips. Please respond with your own!

  • If you have a lot of ammo for smaller weapons, hang out at the end of the level you’re on and blast away zombies left and right to build up cash for bigger weapons
  • Use the homes to duck inside (even if you’ve already picked up what’s in there) when the zombies gang  up on you. There’s no time limit in this game, so use the element of surprise on them when they least expect it
  • When coming out of a house you can come out shooting (tapping the shoot area as opposed to a direction arrow)
  • When using the shotgun (as with the chainsaw) you are better off waiting until the zombie is close to you, as the impact is far greater than when he is walking toward you
  • Remember that this is a multi-touch game, so use it to your advantage by shooting while you’re walking. This also works great with the chainsaw… just walk right through those zombies and they don’t touch you!

Please post your tips and advice or records below!


Please post your comments, tips, and your own reviews below in the comments area!


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  • rheyse

    is there any cheats for thiis game i cant get past lvl 12 these dark rred zombies kill me in like 2 seconds its retarded

  • Jason


  • astro2

    my tips: *don't climb up in weapon purchasing just collect money for so you can get massive amounts of shottie ammo, this way you can't get unecessary ammo for weapons you don't want AND houses give you money which they stop doing further in the game shotties can kill instantly when close, as the zombies get stronger you have to give them a real close range blast. After that you'll need two blasts *melee alot, but becareful the game is made now that if you melee left and right they pop up quicker to swarm around you. So slash one side and shoot the ones that pop up behind you. melee will save you alot of money, and you can use it for critical hits, killing zombies indefintely, or weaken them before you shoot them (i.e helps conserve ammo) *not all fully upgraded weapons are good eg. plasma gun eats too much fuel, try to save up gas for flamethrower….the best most powerful weapon and eats less petrol then the plasma gun which is supposably more stronger. Also they stay in one area as they burn for abit allowing you to slash them with a melee weapon to finish them off (i.e once again to save on ammo/fuel)

  • droiddoes

    will it come to android marketplace

  • BOIiii

    lvl 35 3136 kill



  • zombie

    by the time you get to level 35. just use the ninja to run fast from house to house and slash with your sword. if you cant kill them in one hit use the laser gun to walk right through them.

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  • Alexander

    Dude i want in in android =) got samsung galaxy spica =)

  • Zte717

    Well. If you really play this game it gets super difficult at forty. So my stratgey is always to buy missles. Use carefully but primarly. When ot of amowith that use theelectro pack until you have enough money so buy missles.

  • Preston

    My tip:
    So first you want to get to level 3 or until u get a helper or what ever you want to call them, after you do that go and get to the end but don’t finish the round get to a spot stay there and let your helper do the work. It works for me when I was on level 6 I went to eat came back with 9999 cash (max cash) and then finished the round and had lots of money hooray!!!!
    Next tip:
    So you might think the pistol is trash at high levels aye?
    Well.. I disagree so what you want to do when you have finished the tip/mastered which you have a really low percentage of not doing it right. So with the money unlock the shot gun and unlock the SMG and rocket launcher chain saw after you do that you have to use ur pistol!! Do not use your shot gun until you have the dark zombies when u do that u are more likely to get more ammo in the other guns than your pistol, seems that way to me… So when you start using your shot gun you probly or should have a lot of SMG ammo and chainsaw fuel. The rockets won’t be that much Maby 100-200 if your lucky u will get over that. So still don’t use your other guns until the “HARD” comes for you because I don’t know what round is hard for you guys then start using your guns and then you have did it!! Then use shot gun.