Monster Volley Pro Multiplayer Game Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Dec 6, 2010 at 9:15 am

Volleyball lovers, here’s some good news for you. You can now play volleyball with aliens. In Monster Volley Pro Multiplayer Game by runtastic, you pit one alien monster against another in a variety of settings, including low gravity planets. If you have a friend nearby with another iPhone or iPod Touch, you can also battle against each other.

Monster Volley Pro Multiplayer Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch will let you use various monsters to bump and smack the ball across the net. You’ll get to play on a few different planets, as well as against a space backdrop.

The game offers both single and multiplayer modes, although multiplayer is currently limited only to Bluetooth. Single player mode offers ten levels of gameplay and three difficulty modes. You’ll have to beat each level in order to unlock the next. Winning a match on easy mode will award you with one star for that level, while doing so on the toughest difficulty of “monstory” will give you three stars.

You can choose any one of four monsters to play as, and you’ll meet these same types of monsters as opponents too. Each monster is shaped differently and you may find them hitting the ball differently too. The default game controls are touch-based. You have to keep your thumb on the sliding bar at the bottom to move your monster left and right, and you can tap the jump button at the other side of the screen to make your monster jump. If these controls don’t suit your playing style, you can swap to tilt control to move your monster. I found tilting to be easier and less cumbersome. With tilt control, you can also tap anywhere on the screen to make your monster jump.

Game graphics are pretty good, and the monsters are well illustrated, although it would be fun to have yet more monsters. The controls are all right once you get used to it. I found monster movement to be rather slow though. The ball seems to move faster than the monsters, which can make it hard to act quickly to save a ball. Despite this, the game works well overall. It would probably be fun to play against friends, but since only Bluetooth multiplayer is available at the moment, I wasn’t able to try a multiplayer match. Other than the lack of online multiplayer, the biggest downside to this game is the paucity of sounds. There is no in-game music, and the only sound effects are of the monsters hitting the ball, however, I’m sure all this can easily be addressed in a future update.

If your monster hits the ball directly with the crown of its head, the ball will go vertically up, so try to use the monster’s “shoulders” instead. You should experiment with different monsters to discover which one plays the best for you.

Volleyball enthusiasts and anyone who likes ball games should check out Monster Volley Pro Multiplayer Game, currently available in the App Store for $0.99.

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