Back to the Basics: Otterbox Impact Series Case for iPhone 3G(S)

By on Dec 1, 2010 at 5:27 pm

After the iPhone 4’s launch Appmodo has been focused just on the iPhone 4. Now it’s time to get back to the iPhone 3G(S) and just in time for the holidays! People everywhere will be searching for the perfect gift for their beloved iPhones. Which may not include the iPhone 4. This review will facilitate in the search for that perfect present for the perfect season. Today I have the opportunity to review the one and only Otterbox Impact case for the iPhone 3G(S).


Otterbox may be best known for their Defender series case but, their other cases should receive some spotlight too. The first major difference between the cases is bulk. The Otterbox Impact is a much slimmer and less bulky design. Yes, this does reduce the amount of protection your iPhone is provided with but if you are just a casual user this case will work perfectly. The Otterbox Impact case is a single tough silicone protection layer. It is packaged with a screen protecter and a cleaning cloth.

Inside the Impact case is the powerhouse of the case. Ridges cover the interior, this design reduces the amount of shock absorbed. Also near the home button is a small ridge which keeps the case from directly coming in contact with the screen. That way when the iPhone falls the shock will be absorbed just by the case and not the screen. The one area which is NOT protected is the wonderful Apple logo. The logo is not protected at all(unless you have an Invisible Shield) and can be scratched by a rock or dirt.

The exterior design of the case is the most impressive. Otterbox has buffed up areas which are prone to impact. This includes adding up to 2 times the regular amount of silicone and dressing it with a solid silicone. Otterbox has also taken into thought the way users grip their iPhones. Reduced, rugged silicone is placed on the edges and the top of the device.

After a few drops using the iPhone 3G(S) dummy I have found the case to be very protective against small knicks and drops. I would not dare throwing it into the air over concrete like the Defender but, with regular use your iPhone will have peace of mind. The one problem I have found is that this case picks up lint and dust like there is no tomorrow. I have found myself cleaning it at least 3 times a day. I get very nit picky to about the way my iPhone looks like though. If you are like the majority of people, cleaning would be limited to once a week.

The case is available for a relatively inexpensive price of $19.95 and is available at It comes in two colors, white and black.


I recommend this case to any casual iPhone 3G (S) user searching for peace of mind.



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