Sentinel 3: Homeworld Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Dear fellow humans, I feel it my duty to report to you on our ongoing war against the aliens. Though we lost our colony on Mars during their first invasion, our dropship the Sentinel successfully fended off their second invasion on Earth. Now, in Sentinel 3: Homeworld by Origin8, we will journey to the alien homeworld to put a permanent end to their brutal assault. You can help. With your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can assist the Sentinel’s commander with strategic deployment of our advanced weaponry. Are you ready?

Just released today, Sentinel 3: Homeworld is the latest in Origin8’s Sentinel tower defense series. In the story scenario, the alien homeworld was discovered using the navigation system found aboard a captured alien vessel. The alien faster-than-light technology was then adapted for use on the Sentinel, transporting the dropship and its advanced weaponry to the distant alien planet.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld presents a far greater range of gameplay than its predecessors, Sentinel: Mars Defense and Sentinel 2: Earth Defense. The first Sentinel had only four maps in Assault and Endurance modes, while Sentinel 2 added on two extra Campaign maps as an in-app purchase and another fifteen missions. In contrast, Sentinel 3: Homeworld delivers fourteen maps, with twenty levels in Campaign mode, fourteen in Endless mode, and six in Classic mode (with both Assault and Endurance play).

Aside from the fact that Sentinel 3 comes with more maps and game modes, it is also the first time you can deploy the commander, who can leap from one barrier to another, and among other things, fire at the enemy. In addition, you’ll earn money and skill points from playing through Campaign and Endless modes. With the skill points, you can upgrade the commander’s health, strength, shot damage, and morale (which influences surrounding turrets). Money allows you to purchase special abilities for the commander, and also additional weapon slots. As you progress through Campaign mode, you’ll unlock new weapons, which fall into two categories: Ground Units and Sentinel Weapons. You can’t take them all into battle with you, however. To use a weapon, you’ll have to equip it in the Armory by dragging it into a weapon slot. This adds yet another level of strategy to the game. How should you use your limited resources, and what weapons should you take into battle with you? It is all these massive extras that help make Sentinel 3 so devastatingly fun.

If you’ve never played a tower defense game before, Sentinel 3 is the perfect one to start with. To place a ground unit (or turret), you just need to tap on it and drag it out onto the map, but not just anywhere you please. A turret can only be placed if you see a green marker, as opposed to red. You can further upgrade or sell each positioned turret by tapping on it. Sentinel (dropship) weapons are deployed for only a brief time and require varying amounts of energy, which you can gain more of through paying for Energy Drones during a game. While novices will have little difficulty picking up this game, experienced players can put their strategic skills to the ultimate test by playing the Endless mode in Psycho.

With fabulous retina graphics and fast-paced music, as well as a total of seventeen alien types, six commander abilities, and twenty upgradeable ground units, Sentinel weapons, and drones, Sentinel 3: Homeworld adds up to be one of the most well-rounded tower defense games. Gameplay is simple and intuitive, yet demanding. Sentinel 3’s four difficulty levels make the game enjoyable for all players. This is the game to introduce to casual gamers new to tower defense, but be warned you might only get your device back hours or even days later.

Learn to be thrifty. Spend only the minimum necessary to defend the barriers. The more money you have left over in each wave, the more interest you will earn. Saving up will also allow you to build more costly turrets later, and to upgrade your existing turrets. Triple upgrades in a single turret will deliver a considerable boost.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld, with its spectacular content and pure polish, easily ranks among the top most addictive tower defense games currently available. This is a must-buy for all tower defense and strategy fans, and even newcomers to the genre. Grab the game now from the App Store at $3.99.

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