BugMe!, the “Original Sticky Note App,” Now Offers Universal App for iPhone and iPad

By on Nov 24, 2010 at 12:21 pm

Electric Pocket announced a universal version of its BugMe! – Ink Notepad & Alarms app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Of all the Post-It note and reminder apps in the market, BugMe! was the original – beginning in the late 90s for the Palm Pilot. The press release appears below:

Wye Valley UK, November 23, 2010 –– Electric Pocket Limited announces it has released a universal version of its BugMe! sticky ink notes and alarms app, enabling the same version to work on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. The new universal version also improves support for posting notes on Twitter and makes it possible to access BugMe! notes on the desktop using iTunes file-sharing.

BugMe! for iOS lets users jot quick notes and doodles – with their finger as the pen – just like a digital sticky note. BugMe! also offers keyboard support, allowing users to type longer notes they would otherwise be scribbling with their finger. BugMe!’s notes can be organized for reference, and even shaken into place. Users can set an alarm time on each note and BugMe! will sound the alarm and show a reminder when the task is due. The BugMe! Badges display how many of these notes are now due.

With BugMe!’s unique “Save to Home Screen” feature, users can save a copy of their most important notes to the app launcher screen. These small handwritten notes can be dragged and positioned as with any application icon so important BugMe! notes and reminders can be organized and visible on the Home Screen at all times.

Versions of BugMe! are also available for BlackBerry and Android smartphones.

About Electric Pocket Limited

Electric Pocket has been developing mobile applications and solutions for over 10 year from its base in the Wye Valley, UK. The company’s award winning product portfolio includes apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and webOS. Electric Pocket provides engineering jump-start and consultancy services for companies looking to deliver great mobile products. For more information, visit www.electricpocket.com.

BugMe! – Ink Notepad & Alarms for iPhone and iPad is available at the App Store for US$1.99. More information can be found at http://bugme.net.


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