Holiday Push for Windows Phone 7 Apps Underway

By on Nov 24, 2010 at 10:06 am

Apps for Windows Phone 7 are currently in short supply, however Microsoft is going all out in their attempt to push what they do have in the Marketplace for the holidays. To ensure their developers’ success in the marketplace, Microsoft is offering training, free developer tools, free e-books, financial guarantees and more so they can produce the best apps possible for the WP7 operating system.

Microsoft’s marketing team is also leading a two-prong attack. The first front is to make it as easy as possible for WP7 owners to find an app by launching a visual search tool on Bing. The other front appears on Microsoft’s gaming console as WP7 apps are now being advertised on the Xbox dashboard of the Xbox 360 game system.



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  • Gking

    I do not understand the opening sentence that apps are in short supply, unless you mean that WP7 should have had 200,000 apps in the market place when it was released. Of course, that standard was never applied to Apple (500 apps at release) and Android (IIRC 5 apps), and look at where they are now. I have an iPhone, and will be switching to a WP7 when I can actually find one. To be honest, the only 2 apps that are not present on WP7 that I use regularly are NPR and Phish Radio. Other than that, all of the apps are available on both platforms.

    • ToM

      Agreed Gking. 200,000+ apps. It’s nice to have a choice, but I’ve had an IPhone since 3g and my phone is littered with apps that fall into the “Oh, this is a neat app I might use someday” and never do category. I just switched to WP7 and love it and like you I have most of what I need now and I’m sure the gaps will be filled in short order. I’ve been developing on the MS platform for more than 20 years and one thing is for sure, no one can touch the Microsoft development platform for tools and productivity. The app store will grow quickly just because it’s easy to develop on WP7.

  • NK

    I too have made the switch from the iphone to WP7 and love it. Sure all the apps I used on the iphone are not present in Marketplace but I know they’ll get there. Like one of the posters stated it’s nice to have a selection but I cannot tell you how many junk apps are available on the iphone, countless. Yeah they’ll proliferate to WP7 at some point as well which is why app should not be a selling point for any of these phones. The phones OS should sell it an let me tell you Microsoft actually thought outside the box scrapped what they had and hit one out of the park. Unbelievable, I can hardly believe this is a Microsoft product.

  • I love the WP7 experience and cannot keep up with all the apps that are being released on a daily basis. App availability is not a problem. Having the time to load and experiment with all of them is the problem.