WackyLands Boss Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Nov 23, 2010 at 9:23 am

If you’re an avid gamer, I’m sure you must be well familiar with bosses. They’re big, mean, tough, and the hardest to defeat. Worst, they always appear at the end of a level when your health has been beaten out of you. Have you ever wished you were the boss for a change? In WackyLands Boss, published by Chillingo, you can turn the tables around and wreak havoc as the big, bad monster Boss.

WackyLands Boss is a fast-paced, beat-’em-up side-scroller for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You play as huge ferocious monster who’s bent on destroying the castle in Trogon Kingdom. Unfortunately, their heroes all join forces. Your job is to show them you’re the indestructible boss.

As you stomp through Trogon Kingdom, you’ll have to defeat waves of tiny heroes. There’ll be knights rushing over with pointy spears, Robin-Hood-like archers who rain on you needles of arrows, and yet more knights, some with swords, and some who hurl bombs. Though their weapons may look like toys, oh do they hurt! Luckily, apart from your awesome size, you’ve got your own weapons and magical might that will — or should — combine to do them great damage. And as you progress further, you’ll get to evolve into badder and badder monsters with different abilities.

You control your monster’s movement and actions with simple swipe or tap gestures. Other than making him walk, you can make him roll away, punch (or hit with a weapon), and stomp. You’ll also have magic at your disposal. For instance, you can hurl fire at the heroes. Along the way, you can also pick up cows, poison barrels, and other objects to bowl down the heroes. Sometimes, you’ll find a tasty treat in the form of a princess. Snacking on her will restore some of your health. With the money you’ve reaped from killing the heroes, you can buy yourself new weapons and outfits that will further soup up your monster might. But don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking you’ll surely win because that’s what bosses do. At the end of every level, a wizard will transform one of their tiny people into a more ferocious boss than you. If you do manage to defeat the enemy boss, this new monster will be unlocked for you to evolve into next.

WackyLands Boss boasts artwork both gorgeous and fun. The tiny heroes are incredibly cute, and your monster is adorable in his own right. The gesture controls are just right for this game. What I most love is the array of upgrades, both in evolving and customizing the monster, as well as the outfits and weaponry, which grant different levels of skill strength in attack, defense, speed, and stomp power. The game is challenging too, for in a swarm, the little heroes are no pushovers. Your game progress will be saved at regular checkpoints within a level, so if your monster dies you can easily replay whichever part of the level you faltered at. WackyLands Boss looks and feels like a game you could play right till the end, and then quite possibly, all over again from the start. Oh, and not to forget, you can unlock three fun mini-games too!

When equipping your monster, don’t presume the more costly items are always better. While some items may give a big boost in one area, such as in attack strength, they may be weak in other areas, such as in speed or stomp power. You can view your monster’s stats in the bottom left corner of the equip screen. When you select a new item, the stat numbers may change. Green indicates a higher strength, while a red number means the item has made your monster weaker in that particular area.

WackyLands Boss should be a smashing hit with all fans of side-scrolling beat-’em-ups. At just $0.99 in the App Store now, there’s little reason not to grab it.

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