Appmodo’s Top 10 Apps for Thanksgiving

By on Nov 23, 2010 at 8:00 am

With Thanksgiving just two days away, we found it to be the perfect time to investigate the top apps available in the App Store.

There are thousands of recipes when you combine these apps, several of them being offered for free on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Below is our top 10 list for the 2010 season.

Top 10 Apps for Thanksgiving

10. Gourmet Live by Condé Nast Digital. For iPad, for FREE.

9. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List by By Condé Nast Digital. For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, for FREE.

8. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies by Callaway Digital Arts, Inc. For iPad, for $7.99.

7. Celebrate the Holidays with Better Homes and Gardens by Meredith Corporation. For iPad, for $3 .99.

6. Paprika Recipe Manager by Hindsight Labs LLC. For iPad, for $9.99.

5. Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach by CBS Interactive. For iPhone and iPod Touch, for FREE.

4. Fine Cooking: Cooking for the Holidays by Taunton Interactive. For iPad, for $1.99.

3. In the Kitchen by Television Food Network G.P. For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, for $1.99.

2. Allrecipes – Your Kitchen Inspiration by All Recipes Inc. For iPad, for FREE.

1. The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks by Oceanhouse Media. For iPhone and iPad, for $2.99.

Sit with the Berenstain Bears and learn about Thanksgiving and what it really means to give thanks.


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    My favorite iPad apps are: – GoodReader – PDF reader, MobileMe and Dropbox access – Instapaper Pro – The iPad’s big screen makes for a much nicer reading experience – BBC News – The Beeb knows how to make a great news app – NPR – Nice interface, access to lots of NPR content – Words HD – Words with Friends so so much better on the iPad screen – TWC Max+ – The Weather Channel app for the iPad I actually love this app. what’s more, I’m completely biased, but my own app is my favorite, though not yet optimized for the iPad. (free test sample available via Private Message, no purchase required) e.g. “Top 10 Best Free iPad Apps” “Best Thanksgiving Recipes from iPhone Cooking Apps” “Best Free Thanksgiving iPad Wallpapers” and more source: