What Happend to the iPad Cleaning Cloth? Oh There It IS!

By on Nov 22, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Apple has been cutting costs lately. This includes the usual cleaning cloth that is provided with Apple products. The cloth has been removed and no longer is included with the iPad. Well one company is going to fix that for you. The ipadcleaningcloth.com is offering an alternative to the missing cloth.


Apple’s cloths were seen as high class and wonderful. They were very soft and didn’t cause scratches to our beloved iDevices. The cloths were too small for the iPad though, and if Apple put those in it would be a huge joke. The iPad Cleaning Cloth is much larger though. It comes in at 7.125 inches wide and 9.5 inches long. The cloth is made out of high quality microfibers. You can see how this is true when the device has small dirt particles stuck to the screen. Many other cloths just brush the dirt to the side but the iPad Cleaning Cloth picks them up and can be washed out. Like other microfibers the cloth must be HAND washed. You can wash the cloth with a residential, mild detergent like Wool-Lite or Tide. It is recommended that the cloth is washed in warm water as this opens up the microfibers, dropping dirt. The company does not recommend using fabric softeners as this could clog the fibers, making the cloth less effective. You cannot iron the cloth or bleach it. This could damage the fibers.

The cloth itself feels pretty soft but not as much as Apple’s cloths. The difference is that the iPad Cleaning Cloth is made out of microfibers which gives it a rough texture. The edge of the cloth is cut out in triangles which just gives the cloth a nice look. The cloth is pretty thin at 5.5mm thick, but as long as the cloth preforms well(which it does) I could care less. The company offers free USPS shipping which will take 3-5 days to reach you. I do think the company hid the costs associated with the shipping because the cost of the cloth is a bit steep at $6.99. The cloth is worth the cost because fingerprints and dirt which are not picked up by regular cloths can scratch the iPad’s glass overtime. You can order and pay for the cloth(via PayPal) from www.ipadcleaningcloth.com.


I recommend this cloth for anyone who has an iPad. Even a person who has a screen protecter should have the cloth at hand.


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  • Mike

    I ordered one and am so glad I did. Nice to be able to see my screen again and not just a bunch of smudges from my greasy fingers. Thanks Ipad Cleaning Cloth

  • Buying Stuff

    I ordered three, one to use, one to put away and one to give. The company sent one cloth. They want me to prove that they didn’t send three. Just how i’m supposed to do that?

    • iPadCleaningCloth.com

      Buying Stuff, your order has been corrected and reprocessed…sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you enjoy your iPad Cleaning Cloths!