Civilizations Wars Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

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In Civilizations Wars, published by Chillingo, you lead one of many tribes who are all chasing after a legendary fallen star. They have in common an ancient legend: “The one who will lead the people north after the falling star will discover the secret force and receive the greatest of all powers.” Of course, since everyone’s looking for the same thing, bloody battles ensue. There can only be one victor. Will it be your tribe?

Civilizations Wars is a real-time strategy (RTS) game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Across a vast world map, you will lead your people against other tribes, taking over their buildings and structures by overpowering them with sheer numbers and wielding fierce magic. As you conquer more lands and progress further north, you will gradually grow in power and attain greater magic and abilities.

The game offers three races you can play as. Each race comes with different attack and defensive strengths, speed, money, and crystals. However, the second two races will only be available after you have defeated the first great monster, the “Giant Turtle”. Your people occupy buildings, from pyramids and houses to attack towers and crystal structures. In all the buildings except the latter two, your people will multiply. Although towers can’t generate additional troops, the more troops within a tower, the faster its shooting speed. Likewise, your people won’t multiply within crystal structures. But the greater the numbers within a crystal structure, the more crystal energy it will produce, which will enable you to cast more spells and also hasten the speed of your troops. A structure is yours only if it is colored orange. When you defeat a structure, it will turn from gray (neutral) or white to orange. The number of people within a structure is indicated above it.

Game controls are simple. To move your people from one place to another, you simply have to tap on the first structure and drag it to the other. You can also move troops from multiple structures and send them all to the same targeted structure. Each time you move your troops, half the building’s inhabitants will set off. Your goal is to conquer all the buildings within the map in as short a time as possible. Other than overpowering other buildings by numbers, you also have magic spells at your disposal. Hurl a ball of fire at the enemy or send a thunderous cloud to strike them with lightning. You can learn more spells as you gain more experience and skill points. Targeting spells works similarly to moving your people. Just tap the spell and drag your finger to the target area.

Civilizations Wars is the best I’ve seen of this “conquer by numbers” RTS game genre. The added RPG elements of skill upgrading and spell casting make the gameplay more varied and interesting. On top of this, the graphics and animation are fabulous. The one downside to this game on the iPhone and iPod Touch is the tininess of everything — the people, the structures, and most of all, the inhabitant numbers. These numbers are so small and faint they are a strain on the eyes. A zoom feature would perhaps be helpful in addressing this issue. Regardless, Civilizations Wars is indeed a fun game of strategy.

Keep a close watch on your towers and crystal structures. Since your people can’t multiply within, towers and crystal structures may be easy targets for the enemy to take control of. It also follows that you should try to control as many towers and crystal structures as quickly as you can.

Civilizations Wars is recommended to fans of strategy games, especially RTS. Those who own iPads may wish to consider the HD version instead. Civilizations Wars is currently available in the App Store for just $0.99.

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