Windows Phone 7 Tip: Zune Pass on-the-go

By on Nov 19, 2010 at 9:28 am

If you’re both a Windows Phone 7 owner and Zune Pass holder, we have a great tip for you! A new video tutorial has surfaced demonstrating how to use your WP7 and download songs on your Zune Pass for free.

Apparently, Microsoft hid this ability from customers, making them believe their only option was to buy their music from the Zune Marketplace or use Zune credits, but would have to use their home computers to download their purchases.

Zune Pass is a $14.99 monthly subcription that grants you unlimited access to Zune’s music library which can be streamed to your computer, XBox 360, Windows Phone 7 or Zune HD.

Check out the Zune Pass tutorial on the video below:

YouTube Preview Image



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  • Ander_funk

    This ability wasn’t hidden from customers by Microsoft. It was displayed in many previews as a key selling point.

  • KevynPM

    As Ander_funk said, this was never hidden from anyone. This has been a feature of Zune Pass for 3 years and only makes sense that you could do this on the phone. It’s been demoed.

    • Dajunga

      Does “add to now playing” queue it up for streaming or does it still need to download before you can play it?

      • Rth314

        It queues it up for streaming. It only downloads if you choose “Download”.