Zombie Crisis 3D Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Nov 18, 2010 at 9:35 am

Get ready to be surrounded by zombies! As a mercenary named Dana, you are responsible for clearing out the zombies swarming through the Argo Company lab. Keep your finger on the trigger. Zombie Crisis 3D by Kongzhong Corporation will have you shooting almost non-stop at lunging zombies. All you’ll need is your trusty iPhone or iPod Touch.

Zombie Crisis 3D is a rail shooter in which you have no control of your character movement. The scene will shift about like a panning camera. If you’ve never played a game on rails before, you can think of it as being in a movie (a horror movie in this case) where you’re locked into one character with no power over your eyes or legs. But luckily, you can still shoot at whatever you see.

The story scenario behind Zombie Crisis 3D involves a catastrophic bio-accident at Argo Company. Their staff were all infected and turned into zombies. It then becomes Dana’s responsibility to investigate the building. Can she finish her task without getting killed?

Zombie Crisis 3D currently consists of four levels and a total of twenty-one rooms. Aside from packs of zombies, you’ll have four bosses to fight and three weapons to choose from: a pistol, shotgun, and machine gun. To shoot, you just have to tap the screen, ideally aiming for the zombie heads. To reload your weapon, you can either tap the ammo indicator button in the bottom right of the screen, or shake your device. Other than targeting zombies and bosses, you should also shoot every wooden crate. Some crates may contain weapons, ammo, or health packs. You have to shoot a second time in order to actually pick up the item.

On the whole, Zombie Crisis 3D is a fun shooter. It can be vexing, however, to shoot open a crate and find ammo or a health pack, only to be whisked away before I’ve gotten another instant to pick up the goods. At the same time, I realize it can be relaxing not to have to watch your back, as you would have to had you a virtual joystick to move about with. The graphics suffice in general, but definitely could do with some improvement. And while zombies probably would walk stiffly compared to normal people, it would be good to see more fluid animation. What I would most appreciate in a future Zombie Crisis update though, is more levels and weapons. For a shooter, a range of three guns is dismal indeed. Even so, this doesn’t change the fact that the game has been put together pretty nicely.

Watch your ammo. If you’re using the pistol, which has a max of twelve rounds, reload as often as you like since you’ve got infinite ammo. You wouldn’t want your weapon to auto-reload at the wrong moment.

Zombie Crisis 3D is well recommended to anyone who enjoys a rail shooter. And if you’ve never tried a rail game before, it won’t hurt to pick this one up. Zombie Crisis 3D is currently available in the App Store for $1.99.

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