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Do you tune in regularly to Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch If you’re not already aware, you can play the game of the same name on your iPhone or iPod Touch. In Deadliest Catch by Hands-On Mobile, you can choose your ship and crew, and sail to the Bering Sea to start fishing for crabs.

Deadliest Catch will have you go crabbing in no time. First though, you’ll have to buy a boat, hire crewmen to assist your captain, and equip yourself with fish bait. With respect to the game, you can do all this with just a few taps of your finger.

You’re given a total of $4500 at the start. The only boat you can buy at this point is Lisa Marie, which costs $4200 and requires a crew of 3-4. After you’ve earned more cash, you can proceed to buy one or more of the other five boats, which vary in price. Once you’ve got your boat, you’ll have to select crewmen to assist your captain. For deckhands, you can choose from Brandom Williams, Robert Christensen, and Charlie Gaspar. James Crichton, an engineer, is another man you can pick for your crew. Each crewman will command different salaries and possess differing strengths in experience, stamina, and focus. Some also come with extra skills, such as in cooking or repairing.

Cod, herring, sardines, and salmon … Sounds good for lunch? Well, unfortunately, you’ve got to save the yummy fish for crab bait. At a cost of $500 per day, cod is the cheapest bait. It may not help you fill up your crab pots at the fastest speed though, so you may also wish to stock up on some herring or sardines, both of which perform better than cod. These fish baits can be combined, sometimes for more superlative results. Salmon is the king of the baits, but costs $1000 a day. While the crabs love it, you might not find good profit with salmon.

Once you’ve fully equipped your boat, you can set sail from Dutch Harbor. In King Crab Season 1, your deadline is twenty days. You’ll see on your radar several crab fishing spots. Double tap the spot you wish to sail to. You can further direct your boat (represented by a green arrow) to the crab regions by moving your finger across the sea.

Deadliest Catch comprises of several mini-games. When you complete each one, you’ll be awarded bonuses indicated by a green thumbs-up or red thumbs-down. Are you ready to meet with all the mishaps that may strike at sea?

If your boat starts to rock on stormy weather, you’ll have to fight to stabilize your vessel by tilting your device from side to side. Sometimes, you may also have to rescue fallen crewmen. To save a man from drowning, toss a life ring toward him to pull him aboard. Once you’ve arrived at the crab fishing region, you can lay strings of crab pots by dragging your finger along the screen. More mini-games follow. To pull up pots, you’ll have to flick a hook right between two buoys, and then in what might be the toughest part of the game, you’ve got to tap at two moving indicators that represent the white and red buoys. If you can catch them when they meet, you’ll score thumb-ups. The last mini-game is crab sorting. Dump the smallest crabs and various junk, and keep the bigger crabs.

Deadliest Catch is definitely not a complicated game. While I can’t describe the graphics as outstanding, they’re all right. Like real-life crabbing, fishing for crabs requires patience. You may not get a good catch, and you’ll have to keep repeating certain steps over and over again.

When sorting crabs, you’ll have a few seconds to make your decision. Though speed is important, don’t go too fast either or you might accidentally dump a large crab and keep baby crabs or junk.

Deadliest Catch® is recommended to those who actively follow the documentary by Discovery Channel. If you enjoy assorted mini-games, you might like Deadliest Catch®, which is available in the App Store for $1.99.

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