NBA Elite 11 by EA SPORTS Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Nov 13, 2010 at 9:30 am

Here’s some good news for all you basketball fans. Now you don’t have to passively watch NBA matches from a distant seat or on your couch. With Electronic Art’s NBA Elite 11 by EA SPORTS™, you can participate directly and play an exciting game with your favorite basketballers. Better yet, you can play these matches any time, anywhere on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

In NBA Elite 11 by EA SPORTS™ you can pit the NBA teams of your choice against each other, and also select the players you wish to have on your team. Other than Exhibition play, there are three other game modes: Season, Playoffs, and 3-Point Shootout. Each match comes with continuous voiceovers that sound just like a real sports commentator.

In an Exhibition match, you can pick one of thirty-two real NBA teams to play as, and also select your opponent’s (CPU’s) team. Each team has differing levels of strength, which are broken down into offense, defense, and overall skill. With a virtual joystick, you control a player’s movements. Two more buttons allow you to perform other actions, such as to shoot, dunk, carry out trick dunks and rebounds, steal or pass a ball, and also select a different player to control. Season and Playoff matches work similarly to an Exhibition match, except several games will be simulated and you’ll play against a random opposing team.

3-Point Shootouts are pretty fun. Players from each NBA team are listed on the left half of your device screen, together with the levels of their offensive and defensive strengths. You can select any of these players by dragging and dropping them into empty slots on the right. Alternatively, you can tap the “Randomize” button. Your opponent’s results will be simulated, after which it will be your turn. Whether you win or lose a duel depends on your own skill in getting the timing right. After picking up a ball, you have to tap and hold the red basket button until two semi-circular indicators move toward each other and turn green. If you let go of the red button too soon or too late, your ball won’t make it through the basket.

NBA Elite 11 by EA SPORTS™ has great graphics and cut scenes that look almost like what you see on TV. Although the tutorial is easy to follow, games featuring team sports with multiple players to control may sometimes be tough to handle, so such games may not be for everyone. On the other hand, the 3-Point shootouts are straightforward and easy for anyone to pick up and play.

NBA Elite 11 by EA SPORTS™ is recommended to avid basketball fans, as well as anyone who enjoys team sports. The game is currently available in the App Store for $4.99.


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