Snail Race Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Nov 12, 2010 at 1:08 am

Do all snails crawl slowly? What happens when you pit one snail against another in a race? You can find your answers in Snail Race by Kooapps. If your thumbs are feeling idle and you think you might enjoy racing with them, read on….

Snail Race is a casual, side-scrolling game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In this game, you will take on the identity of a snail to race with other snails. To make your snail move, all you need to do is repeatedly tap the screen as fast as you can — left right, left right, left right … Multiply that by as big a number as you wish. The gameplay really can’t get simpler than this.

Once you win a race against another snail, you will proceed to the next race. It’s like déjà vu, but with a different backdrop and a different snail opponent. Altogether, there are twenty-four levels. If you like, you can challenge your friends … by sending an email.

The story intro graphics to Snail Race are pretty good, and much better than the actual game graphics, which are still decent. Though the game instructions tell you to alternate between left and right taps, I discovered you can get away with just tapping any one side. With its simple gameplay and cute art style, Snail Race may find fans among young children. To increase the replay value, however, local and online multiplayer modes should be added in a future update. The game would also be a lot more fun if we could steer the snail down a winding path scattered with obstacles and power-ups — using tilt control or a virtual joystick rather than having to give our thumbs a workout.

Snail Race is currently available for free in the App Store, but it comes with prominent, intrusive ads right on the game screen. The in-app purchase to unlock the ad-free mode costs $1.99. Despite this, there’s no harm getting the free download if you’re a parent with young kids. They probably won’t notice the ads anyhow.

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