iOS 4.2 Update Delayed, iPad WiFi Issues on GM Build

By on Nov 11, 2010 at 8:08 pm

MacStories, who first brought the news of tomorrow’s iOS 4.2 update release, now reports that it has been delayed due to WiFi connection issues experienced by users who tested the GM build on the iPad.

Users and developers posted issues experienced during their testing stages all over MacRumors’ forums, Twitter, including Apple’s own discussion boards.

MacStories stated,

Basically, even if the iPad manages to successfully connect to a local network, the connection is lost after a few minutes. This seems to be the most common problem among users, although some can’t simply use Safari at all. The bug has been reported to Apple, and they apparently decided to delay the release of iOS 4.2 to fix the bug.

A second GM build will have to be built and tested before the iOS 4.2 update can be released to the masses.



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  • J. Slavin

    Apple should really change the “Coming Soon” related to the iOS 4.2 update on their iPad page. It’s a tease that’s beginning to look a lot like false advertising.

  • Always2tech4you

    This sucks! Ive been waiting soooo long for this!

  • Dannylovesayumi

    Damnit…… was like another 15 mins before the launch……now this news??????

  • pissed

    apple is so stupid, like seriously? everyones been waiting and they cant get anything right, they suck and i need to unlock my damn 3gs and they wont release ultrasn0w till thats out, fuck everyone lol this is sooo gay

  • Skrueger

    You only have 1 platform to develop for… Not thousands of hardware configs… Come on step it up cause you’re actually making Microsoft look smart now…

  • Fuckyou

    fuck this, stop teasing stupid fags…. fuck apple and fuck this site

  • I’mnotbuyingit

    Wait a minute. How can we only just now find out about a wifi problem in this gm version that’s been out and being used for 11 days! You mean to tell me it took until now for them to notice it? That doesn’t make since at all. Wifi is a primary thing to use on an iPad! It would have been noticed within the first couple days! And this is the first I’ve heard of it!

  • Mosblest

    I’m not paid by Apple, but the fact that this has taken a while is a good sign. It means they are being thorough and the changes to iPad are a big deal! Wifi is an issue that can vary from location to location and really can cause headaches if the system can not figure out protocols. In the future maybe wifi will be great in every location.

  • Rjones

    this is is b.s, man!!!!!! I’m tired of waitn im jailbreaking

  • Joe

    My iPad is seriously the last apple product i’ll ever buy. Come on Jobs. Get your ish together.

  • this is nonsense! I have been using 4.2GM for 7 days and no issue. atleast for me it is 10x more stable than 3.2.2 and no issue with wireless or cellular. i don’t get it. works like a charm.

  • N8

    It is still November… that was their only promice… I want it NOW too but, I would like to have it work. Once it finally does come out will there be a way to download it without using Itunes? I am stuck with one of those 250mb DL limmits and will probably have to take my laptop to another location or down load it to an SD card. Also, any idea how large a file it will be?

  • Oj

    I bought my iPad two weeks ago because I thought 4.2 would be out soon. I was skeptical about buying an apple product but I thought I would give it a shot. Now I’m thinking about taking it back to the store for a refund. For the money I can be patient and wait on a better tablet to come out.

  • Sebastian

    You are such dramaqueens. Apple promised November and were not even two weeks in it or you are saying; Apple doesn’t kept his promised and you’ll bring your iPad back. Get a life and grow up!! These are all just rumors, nothing you read on this kinds of sites can be taken seriously. Send from my iPad

  • Braden

    Apple really needs to work on streamlining their updates instead of adding new features which does nothing but slow down the hardware. Remember how speedy your iPhone 4 was? Not so much with the 4.1 update is it? I swear Apple does it on purpose.

  • Siranthony16

    Well that sucks!!!

  • Siranthony16

    So, the software finally got released… I can’t wait to try everything!!!