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After the successful launch of Pinball HD for the iPad, OOO Gameprom soon brought this most outstanding pinball collection to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Pinball HD for iPhone combines into one app Gameprom’s individual pinball games: The Deep, Wild West, and Jungle Style Pinball, as well as Slayer Pinball Rocks HD (available as an additional in-app purchase). With gorgeous graphics and excellent ball physics, Pinball HD has since become possibly the most popular pinball game in the App Store.

Each of the pinball tables offered within Pinball HD for iPhone is incredibly fun, whether or not you’re a pinball addict or just a casual gamer. The high-resolution, detailed 3D graphics, coupled with the right music and realistic effects reminiscent of old, physical pinball tables suck you into the game. Unlike old pinball games on the computer, Gameprom’s virtual camera pans and zooms you right into the action if you’re playing in portrait mode. This prevents the ball and table from being too tiny on the iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s limited screen area. In landscape mode, however, you’ll get to see the entire table at an angle.

In Wild West, the theme of the table is as its name suggests. You can rob a bank, visit an Indian village, and shoot a masked cowboy called Dirty Harry — all in pinball style, of course. Jungle Style Pinball has lush artwork within which you can find a crashed airplane, jungle natives, and an angry King Kong. My favorite of the three tables is The Deep, a watery undersea world. Here, you can go hunting, find treasure, and complete various “missions”. As with many pinball games, you can score bonuses and multipliers by hitting specific spots on the tables or going through certain gates. Sometimes, your ball may need to attain a certain speed in order to unlock bigger bonuses. You’ll also be rewarded with an extra ball when you achieve high scores: a minimum of 10,000,000 for the first two tables, and 5,000,000 for The Deep. If you’re lucky, you can unlock a multiball effect and play with up to three balls simultaneously.

Pinball HD simply works. There is no lag; you can launch the ball immediately after it appears, and it shoots up effortlessly. The flippers are also responsive. Pinball HD offers a few extras too. Within the settings, you can activate a stereoscopic imaging mode, for which you’ll have to find a pair of 3D glasses to put on (available for red-cyan, green-magenta, or yellow-blue). And through Game Center, you can connect with friends and engage in various multiplayer challenges, such as a score blitz (5, 10, and 20 million), multiball, and time blitz (5, 10, and 20 minutes). The only problem I had was I couldn’t connect Pinball HD on my iPad to the same game on my iPhone (and I did make sure Bluetooth and wifi were on for both devices). Perhaps this will have to wait for Game Center to be available on the iPad. Better yet, I hope Bluetooth and wifi multiplayer modes will be fully enabled between the iPad and its smaller cousins.

If you don’t like the moving and zooming camera, you can pinch the screen with two fingers to view the entire table. It looks tiny though! Alternatively, you can flip your device sideways to landscape mode. Remember to check out the instructions (“Guide” on the menu) for each table. There, you can figure out where you should try to aim your ball at when playing.

Pinball HD for iPhone is THE pinball game to get, never mind if you already own other pinball games. If you already have Gameprom’s individual pinball games, The Deep Pinball, Wild West Pinball, or Jungle Style Pinball, you may still wish to consider this additional purchase for the 3-in-1 convenience as well as multiplayer gameplay. You can grab Pinball HD for iPhone from the App Store for just $1.99.

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