Take Five Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Nov 4, 2010 at 8:51 am

Have you ever paused your music to do a bunch of other stuff or talk to people and forgotten to turn your music back on? Now there’s an app to help you unpause your music. Take Five, by The Iconfactory, is a small utility to pause your music from anywhere between a second to thirty minutes.


Take Five for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a very simple app that can help you temporarily pause your music and fade it back in. The app is so basic that using it is totally uncomplicated. First, you need to select a song within a playlist, whereupon the songs in that playlist will start playing in sequence.

Pausing a song can’t be easier. Just slide the pause bar below to the delay time of your choice. It can be anything from a few seconds to thirty minutes. When the timer runs out, your music will resume playing. It won’t matter whether you press the home button to quit the app.

The simplicity of Take Five is probably its biggest flaw. There is no way to shuffle music or put together a custom playlist. While that isn’t what Take Five is about, having additional features would give someone more incentive to use Take Five as their dedicated music player. At the very least, the app should allow the user to set a default pause time, which it doesn’t. The current default pause time is preset at five minutes. Worst of all, if you quit the app (while leaving it running in the taskbar) and start another app that happens to stop your iPod music, Take Five will entirely cease to function. Once this occurs, even removing the app from the taskbar and restarting it won’t give you any music. You’ve got to manually reactivate your music using the native iPod app or another music player app. In my case, since my iPhone is jailbroken, I used the iPod toggle in SBSettings. Only after the iPod music is jumpstarted externally will Take Five resume working. This is a huge flaw that seriously needs to be fixed.


Due to the current minimal functionality of Take Five and the hugely limiting flaw mentioned above, I cannot confidently recommend the app at this point. Do note you will not need Take Five to resume your music after you answer a call on your iPhone; that is an automatic function already available on your device. Should Take Five be updated in future to include greater functionality, it does have the potential to be a useful app. You can find Take Five in the App Store for $0.99.


Note: A promotional code was provided by the creator for use in this article.

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