Gears of War on Xbox To Hit iPhone in 2 Years

By on Nov 4, 2010 at 8:10 am

Preview of Infinity Blade coming soon to iOS

According to reports from Eurogamer, Epic Games’ Creative Director of Chair Entertainment, Donald Mustard, made comments about the Unreal Engine behind the amazing graphics quality of Infinity Blade, an upcoming title for iOS. The gasp comes from statements made regarding the future of the iPhone in 2 years and how the popular and extremely graphical title, Gears of War for Xbox, could be available on iOS in just 2 years.

Mustard stated “I didn’t take it that seriously until we started making this game” when asked about Infinity Blade, “Now I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is literally going to be the best looking handheld game ever made'”. Mustard went on to say “I think it’s going to be an interesting future, especially if in two years we can really run Gears of War on an iPhone“. Really? Gears of War?

After being questioned about the comments, Mustard then clarified his statements “If not two years, then certainly five years. Well, it could be as soon as two years but within five years that will certainly be the case. It will at least be powerful enough to do that. We’ve just been blown away by the amount of graphical power that we can be pushing through these tiny little devices that are in all our pockets.

Mustard finishes with “Projecting out three or four years into the future, if the current trends stay true, these devices are going to be just as powerful as the Xbox 360. We’ll have a truly powerful console just sitting in all of our pockets.

Comparing a mobile phone with an A4 processor barely greater than 1GHz or even Qualcomm’s new 1.5 GHz Snapdragon due this fall to a full gaming platform such as the Xbox 360 is a rather bold statement, even with technological advances over the next few years. But the possibility and reality of a AAA title like Gears of War hitting mobile devices in the next few years is definitely coming, it will just be on a much smaller screen. Move over PSP and Nintendo, the smartphone is in town.



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  • Grahamcox3

    Yes and by then we’ll have the next 360 and PS3 then handhelds are way behind!, AGAIN -.-. The 360 and PS3 are outdated couple of years ago.. bring out a new console already