T-Mobile Blasts Apple iPhone and AT&T in New “PiggyBack” TV Commercial

By on Nov 4, 2010 at 7:15 am

T-Mobile launched a new, funny “Mac VS PC-inspired” television campaign on Tuesday which throws punches at AT&T’s infamously slow 3G network and the Apple iPhone’s requirement of Wi-Fi when using FaceTime (ultimately AT&T’s fault).

Called “PiggyBack”, the commercial promotes T-Mobile’s new MyTouch 4G phone with video chat over, you guessed it, their new 4G HSPA+ network without the requirement of Wi-Fi. T-Mobile ditched their old cougar, Catherine Zeta-Jones, for a newer model in the commercial who effectively distracts customers from reading the small text “T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network is not available in all locations”. If you ask me, how is that any better than being tethered to Wi-Fi? Maybe Verzion will save the world in January. Video below.

“PiggyBack” Commercial

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  • Mike

    T-Mobile’s HSPA+/WiFi Video Chat is obviously better than WiFi only. Philadelphia, PA has been the HSPA+ test network for T-Mobile. It is available in over 72 major cities now and counting.

  • Anonymous

    So who is the guy?

  • Nice, that’s helpful for me!