Doodle Army Updated With More Mini-Games

By on Nov 3, 2010 at 9:00 am

Doodle Army by Chad Towns, a fast-paced 2D shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch, has been getting a ton of updates this year — not just small updates, but big game-changing ones. This round, in version 1.9, yet another mini-game has been added: Urban Undead – Survival.

While Doodle Army has always been about surviving as long as you can, it’s also been about getting as far as you can in terms of distance. In Urban Undead – Survival, however, you can forget about running. Your job is to defend your bunker for as long as you can against the fast approaching undead. Unlike within the regular game, the enemies you kill don’t drop hearts or guns for you to collect. You score points for every undead you kill.

As of this update, Doodle Army offers six missions (or maps), each with distinctively different scenes and enemies. Within Boot Camp, Rice Paddy (Vietnam), and Beach Bunker (Normandy), you can access additional boss games, which really are mini-games in their own right. Instead of running and jumping like in the regular game, you get to ride and shoot from vehicles such as a jeep, a helicopter, and boat. As fun as these already are, Doodle Army evolved further. The last three missions, Sand Trap, Urban Undead, and Mars Mine deliver extra mini-games. The first, called Doodle Camel Attack, is a fun spoof of Robot Unicorn Attack, but pulled off the Doodle Army way, which makes it harder because you’ve got to shoot simultaneously.

My favorite of the mini-games has got to be Space Jump, accessible from Mars Mine. This is a vertical-scroller in which you’ve got to hop up on asteroids and continuously fire at Martians (while watching your footing). In my opinion, Space Jump surpasses all the vertical jumping games I’ve played, with its frenetic pace and cool guns.

It looks like Doodle Army will continue to be a game to watch out for. Aside from all the regular updates, its developer, Chad Towns, has plans to develop spin-off games, such as Doodle Army: Multiplayer. If you still haven’t tried Doodle Army, you can grab it in the App Store for only $0.99. A free lite version, Doodle Army Boot Camp, is also available, but without the uber-fun mini-games.


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