How to Restore Your iPhone 4 with iTunes Error 1604

By on Oct 25, 2010 at 5:50 pm

As Apple releases new devices each year, the company seems to encounter even more problems. One widespread issue has to do with an 1604 error within iTunes, which is often related to the USB connection.

It is recommended that you can try changing USB cables (the 30 pin connector), USB ports on your computer, or avoiding the Apple Dock all together and connecting it directly to your computer. If you are still experiencing problems, perform the following steps:

How to Restore Your iPhone 4 with iTunes Error 1604

– Verify that your iPhone is in Recovery Mode and connect it to iTunes. For how to steps about Recovery Mode see below.
– While connected to iTunes, attempt to restore the iPhone and wait for the “1604 Error”, then click ok.
– Leaving the iPhone connected, close and re-launch iTunes, verifying that your phone is in Recovery Mode. Perform another phone restore.
– Your iPhone will now successfully restore itself. If you are still having issues, try using a different 30 pin USB cable, computer, or USB port. If you are still experiencing problems, contact Apple Support.

How to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode

– Disconnect the phone from your computer and turn off the device using the red slider. Do not restart the phone.
– Press and hold the home button (circle) and reconnect the USB 30 pin cable, then the phone will turn on.
– While holding the home button you should receive a message “Connect to iTunes” with a cable icon. If this screen appears you may let go of the home button, if not, repeat these steps.
– Open iTunes and confirm the message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes”.
– Finally, restore the device via iTunes. Note: Restoring your iPhone will clear ALL personal data associated with it. Always perform frequent backups to reduce headaches like this.


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    thank you, this was perfect for me!! I tried doing it the other way, going through programs and settings and it didnt work for the iphone 4. this did though. Much easier too..

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    This worked for me. I think the key was that I changed the USB port as well and followed above instructions. I shut the phone by pressing Home + Power. As soon as the phone shut down, I plugged out the iPhone and connected to another USB. While doing this, I also shut the iTunes. When I followed the instructions of restore afterwards, it sailed through. Successful. Thanks. Jeycee

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    I tried 8 or 9 different websites before I found this one.  This is the only one that worked. THANK YOU


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    Thanks heaps for that buddy it worked very well. Godbless you

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    iphone giving error on restoring process “preparing for Restore”