Slideshow Remote Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Aug 5, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Need an easier, faster and more efficient way to present your Powerpoint Slideshow? This is the app for you. This remote is effective, easy to use and a must have for any Powerpoint user. Slideshow Remote is brought to you by LogicInMind


Slideshow Remote is a wireless remote control for Windows PowerPoint. PowerPoint’s is a useful program to use, but can be tedious in having to go back to your laptop every five seconds to switch slides or pause to emphasize a point. Presenting a PowerPoint presentation usually requires an assistant tapping patiently on the “Enter” key. Slideshow Remote from LogicInMind finally puts the controls in your hand, and allows you to focus on what a presentation should really be about: presenting rather than struggling with technology.

In order for the app to work, you need to download and install the Logic Server application. I initially had some trouble getting it to work, but after working with it for a while it was no problem. Once you have paired your iPhone or iPod Touch it will automatically connect upon opening the app, though you can always add more networks. A Wi-Fi network is required, and Slideshow Remote requires Apple’s Bonjour service, so you’ll need that too. Once you have the application working open your PowerPoint file and start the show.

An image of the current slide will appear on the screen, then click over to the “Controls” tab and you can accomplish basic functions: next slide, previous slide, first slide, and last slide. Navigating to next and previous slides can also be done with a simple forward or backwards swipe, or, for the next slide, a simple tap. This allows for eyes-free control of your slideshow. There are also “Start” and “Stop” buttons on the control screen timer, which provides a handy meter if you need to keep your presentation within a time limit.

The other is a “Notes” view, which presents your PowerPoint notes in a discreet, easily accessible format. But keeping your notes in the palm of your hand? Now they’re actually usable! It is Windows-exclusive; secondly, the fact that a second piece of software is required is a (necessary) annoyance. Setup isn’t completely seamless, and it may take a small amount of modification to get everything working perfectly. The controls available in the app aren’t exactly complex, either.

Slideshow Remote is meant to accomplish one task: remote control of your PowerPoint presentations. While I certainly wouldn’t rely on your presentation location to have an open Wi-Fi network that you can use, it could come in handy in plenty of situations, and Slideshow Remote is just the app for the job.


1. Logic Server does have customer service if you need help downloading and activating the application.


Slideshow Remote is available at the App Store for $3.99 now. A great app for Windows users and those who often do Powerpoint presentations.


Note: A promotional code was provided by the creator for use in this article.

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