Qwak App Review for iPhone and iPod Touch: Ducks Are Epic

By on Jun 18, 2010 at 7:00 am

What do you call a duck that eats fruit two times the size of it, throws eggs at predators, collects diamonds, and soars through the air freely with jet-boots? Epic! As made clear by the name, Qwak, developed by veteran developer Jamie Woodhouse, puts you in control of a duck out to do superior things. While it’s a weird idea, it’s a unique one that gets addicting pretty quickly!


Epic is the first word that came to my mind when I started playing Qwak. Not only because of the super-duck who is the main character, but the environment in which you play in. The screen is bursting with the bright colors of fruit and gems that are located across the environment.

The premise of the game is a simple one that is not hard to grab: you play as a duck and try to collect all of the keys in a scene while also collecting fruit to increase your score. What makes the game difficult is the amount of enemies that will constantly attack you eventually making you have to restart the scene (if they hit you too many times). Thankfully you have a limited suppy of eggs that can be thrown at the enemies to kill them; your stock replenishes after each scene for the amount of fruit that was collected.

The gameplay takes place in scenes which is another word for levels. You have 70 of them packed with content. They slowly increase in difficulty as you go higher and higher, and every now and then you will face an enemy boss that you have to kill; it truly is a fun experience.

The visuals are extremely bright. Everything is colorful, and you will never see a spot in the screen where nothing is located; the place is always loaded with with gems and fruit. With the amount of action there is, the game goes along with it by being fast. Everything will happen in a blur, and not in a bad way where there’s so much action that you can’t see anything; it’s good action that makes the game enjoyable!

If you wanted to, you could classify Qwak as a retro platformer. It has the artwork, music, and most importantly the history to belong in that category. Being published on the Amiga platform, the original author spiced up all of the gameplay elements to make it what it is today: a platformer that is top-notch in terms of…everything!


If you’re good at platforming games, you’ll instantly catch on and be good at the game. If not, you just have to teach yourself how to play. It’s one of those games that doesn’t have any tips.


The game comes with a slightly higher price tag of $2.99 but it is without any questions worth it. The fast paced action, bright visuals, and many levels make the game an optimal experience that platform gamers should not pass up!

Gameplay Video


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