How to Enable Emoji Emoticons on iPhone For Free

By on Jul 22, 2009 at 10:00 pm

Free emojiThere are a ton of apps in the App Store which allow you to enable emoticons on your iPhone and iPod Touch.  The problem is that they all cost money and all they do is enable the Japanese Emoji character set.  There’s got to be an easier way, than having to spend 99 cents to do this right?  Well, there is.

The solution is a Free app called Spell Number from Water Lou (First Water Technologies, Ltd).  Here’s the problem, though.  You have to jump through a few hoops.  Well, one hoop actually, and it’s a big one.  After installing the app, you have to enter in a giganto number, then enable the character set.  Yeah, it’s a bit crazy… but hey, it works, and it saves you $0.99. Here’s how to do it.

  1. First, download Spell Number from the Apple App Store.
  2. Next, open the app and enter the following number.  Note, this number worked a few weeks ago when I first did it.  However, the number the app’s description told me to work, didn’t.  I had to read the comments for the app to find the newer code which did work.  So, if you find a newer code which works (and this one I provide does not), please post a comment below to help others. The code is 91929394.59 — once you enter that code, just press the Return key once.Spell Number code 91929394.59
  3. Next, quit the Spell Number app and go to your Settings app.
  4. Click General
  5. Click Keyboard
  6. Click International Keyboards
  7. Scroll down to Japanese, click it
  8. You should now see a new Keyboard layout option called “Emoji”General settings, keyboard, japanese, emoji
  9. Turn it on, and you’re done!

Now you can use emoticons (Emoji) anywhere a text input field is allowed. You’ll find a globe icon to the left of the space bar on the keyboard.  Click it to enter a whole new world of icons!

Please note that Emoji can only be seen by other iPhones (and iPod Touches), as well as Safari browsers.  I have also seen them working just fine in the iTunes Store comments area on my Mac.  I’m not sure if they will work on the Windows version of iTunes, though.

Have fun!  Go grab Spell Number today!


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  • its not wor king

  • which japanese, i have japanese(ten key) and japanese (Romanji)

  • Lmp830602

    is this number th same?

  • Shoppgirl2222

    This doesnt work.. I have the iPhone4…. Does this not work for the iphone4???? I have both Japanese languages and the Emoji one.. But it’s still not working. What do I do??

  • Shoppgirl2222

    I restarted my phone and it worked!!!! Thank you!!!! I’ve been trying for weeks to find a way to do this. 

  • Neli

    Not work for my + I have too Japanice at my iPhone ;((( helpppppp

  • Mee

    I typed in the number and pressed return once, but nothing happened, can anyone help?

  • Rambo

    reboot before u run app as described

  • Wilkie

    Works great as of 6/26/11! Emoji is now listed as its own language (on the iPhone 3GS at lest). Make sure to power down the phone first by pressing and holding down the sleep key on the top until you get an icon that says “slide to power down.” Once you turn it back on, should work like a charm!

  • Ugefer


  • Bluroses14

    it doesnt work for me

  • Ramsha Muzaffar

    thankyouuuuu :D it workeddd

  • Samanthacunningham1240

    I can’t figure out how to get this working. I don’t know if it’s the number not working or what , but when I’m in a text trying to use the emoji, instead of the icons, it’s Japanese ?? Anyone know how to fix it

    • GanonTEK

      Ok I got it working and I was confused as it told me to go down to Japanese but it wasn’t there. There is a new keyboard called Emoji all by itself. So don’t look for Japanese look up in the letter Es in your list of keyboards. Maybe it’s a difference between iphones and ipod touches. I’m not sure. I have an iPod touch and had those 2 Japanese keyboards in my list like some people above. Oh I restarted too. I put the code in beforehand and after so I don’t know which made it appear. Hope it helps :)

  • Mimi Tam

    type 91929394.59 in the app, NOTHING ELSE!!!- click your home button- go to settings- go to general- go to keyboard- go to japan- turn on EMOJI!!!!!

  • Mimi Tam

    type 91929394.59 in the app, NOTHING ELSE!!!click your home button go to settings go to general go to keyboard go to japan turn on EMOJI!!!!!

  • Audrey2696

    Did this on my 4S and it worked. It differs a little because instead of adding Japanese keyboard you just add Emoji and then exit the app. Thanks!

  • sina

    it works wow,i tried the other one step but it ddnt works thanks for this site

  • Jjzain

    Awesome still working!  even now in NZ. Had to turn phone off and re Power for ‘world’ to show up. Well worth it. Life is just the bit more Fun.

  • Snoooki

    You don’t have to download the app. Just go to general settings, keyboards, and then select Emoji. It’s already on your phone!

  • NuLite

    thanks worked like a charm.

  • Lionelsaurus

    agreed with pete. wayyy easier to enable with todew app.

  • Hailey10

    mine is not working :(

  • Skaxxcat

    I done the code thing qbd then went to setting and dine all that but mine doesn’t have japanese what do I do?

  • justme

    look for emoji, not japanese

  • Kekedarling

    Mine was a little different. Instead of going to the Japanese part, emoji was its own category

  • Hozza_rules

    Cant get it to work, tried 5 times, I dont hv Japanese………….. :(

  • Sara

    Instead of going into japanese … there was an emoji button so i clicked it :D THANK U SOO MUCH !! 

  • Maidy08

    I didn’t need to download a thing and I use the iPhone 4s.  Just go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International keyboards > Add New Keyboard and choose Emoji.  Done.

  • Harshu788

    i am not able to get this japenese it has 2 option japenese romajiand ten key .smilys doesnot appear tried so many times its rubbish

  • Sammy Stevens28

    Didn’t work for -__-

  • Faerieflyinfree

    Didn’t work

  • Woolstons25

    Thanks this was easy to do. I thought it didn’t work because nothing seemed to happen when I hit return, but then I went on to the rest of the instructions and the globe was on my keyboard.

  • Mi-o



    Thanks :D

  • Chloe

    ummm you don’t need an app to download emoji. If you have an iphone, it’s already on your phone. Go to settings > general > international > keyboards > add new keyboard… select emoji. then when you text someone or post something on twitter there will be a globe on your keyboard. click the globe for the emoji.

  • Destinymalines

    Isn’t working for me

  • aira

    it works for me….tnx

  • Trixia_anne02

    didnt work for me! :(

  • Sbgirl

    I try doing this but it keeps say this isn’t allowed the US store…

  • Sarah K

    when i try to enter the code the screen comes up as a dial screen not a normal typing screen so i cant enter the . between 4 and 5… can anyone help?