Can the iPhone 3G Actually Support Multitasking?

By on Apr 11, 2010 at 9:43 am

A big disappointment from the 4.0 event was that iPhone 3G owners like myself would not be able to multitask. When Jobs was asked why the other devices could not have multitasking Jobs stated, “Their hardware can’t support it..If that’s an incentive for them to upgrade to a new device… terrific..” However, that wasn’t quite true.

A few developers, who have been messing around with the iPhone OS 4.0 preview, have found that by simply switching just one variable in preferences, multitasking can indeed be enabled on the iPhone 3G.

Now I am pretty sure that there will not be any problems or flags raised until the final release version of the OS. You can easily switch on the multitasking by changing a simple file(which will require jailbreak sadly). While jailbreaker’s do have their own way to multitask, Apple’s version is better. Jobs does have a lot of explaining to do as why he told us that the 3G could not support it, as it can. It seems Apple is just trying to make people upgrade to a new device. Hey, Jobs even said that was a good thing. When the new iPhone comes out this summer Apple will be promoting it as many 3G users contracts will be over. This makes them upgrade eligible. It is perfect for Apple here is what Jobs is thinking in my mind “ha ha ha, we will make the poor 3G owners upgrade to our new device just for multitasking and a few extra feature.” While I am pretty sure that there will a lot more features because of the competition.

We understand Apple’s wanting of money but this is a bit unfair. Even though I will be buying the new iPhone multitasking or not.


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  • Humberto

    Perfectly put! Proud owner on an iPhone 3G!

  • iPhonerKL

    Whatever ‘Multitasking’ or Etc.., U NOT talking about yr Devices Battery Mr Jobs… Since 2007 i Used yr Product, the battery is TOO Weaks,Bother my time to ReCharge its, atleast Twice a Days… Why Not Apple make a Longlife, Good Battery for 16 Hour? I used a battery in KL for my Lancer 2.0 Only for USD100.00, My Quiestion is … Is the Phone battery u Bought from Supplier in China, the Price is MORE Expensive than the FREE Maintainance Car Battery Price..? Pls Understand the Life of Others People – On Going or Roamers & NOT Only in the Office likely u Mr Job ..!!!

  • MotorCityFats13

    I have never said "Gee I wish my itouch 3g could MT" I only use 1 app at a time… Yey Geo let it rain!

  • bomber

    The 3G only has 128 MByte RAM. To enable the fast task-switching and multi-tasking the apps are staying in memory. If you have less RAM then probably less applications can stay in memory, making it less enjoyable.

  • Ben

    I won't buy the new iphone 4G. Not until my iphone 3G wears out.

  • Alex

    I won't buy the new iphone 4G. Until Att or any other network comes out with a true 4G network (sprints 4g sucks btw). Tell then screw you Jobs! Proud to keep my 3G!!

  • Debukuma

    all r5= fucking

  • Venterkyle83

    I cannot believe what an irritating device the ipad 2 is. I mean seriously, no back button just a single home button that you are told to press twice to go to home screen. This is pathetic and there is no solution except to jailbreak and install a system like windows. I mean really when you are in the app store and want to go back to your previous page, sorry, no way. Apple as a company needs to be hit up against the head really hard. What are they thinking? This is more motivation than anything to get rid of that stupid i.o.s 5.0 and slap something decent like windows on it. So basically owning an apple is like a fat woman wearing a g-string in the middle of the arctic, she is freezing but thinks the g-string makes her look skinny and appealing. Now with the ipad 2, you have a great prestige owning an apple brand but, hell, you cannot even use your device to do with it what you want. You first have to bow down before the brand and be tied to a thousand different security chains and constraining practices before you can even use the device ‘you’ are supposed to be the owner of. Pathetic, ridiculous, I am so pissed off with apple that I am going to take my ipad and donate it to a charity, maybe they can make some toilet paper out of it because I will certainly not use it for anything. Oh and one last thing, I will never, never, never buy another apple product ever. Manipulative pigs.