CableJive iStubz Bundle Product Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Apr 13, 2010 at 10:00 am

Ever wish you could clean your desk of long cables used to charge and sync your beloved Apple products? iStubz Bundle, cleans up your cluttered desk.


The iStubz bundle made from CableJive, a large wire company, is a durable yet small cable. It comes in two different sizes a 2.7 inch(7 centi.) and a 8.7 inch(22centi.). It comes in two simple colors black and white. The packaging is very efficient with the 8.7 inch cable wrapped around the 2.7 inch cable. The silver part coming out of the white cover does get a bit hot after about six hours of charging. When you take the cable out of the packaging it is a bit stiff but after use it will loosen. The cable seems to work as well as the Apple ones but, they reduce clutter. The cover has two logos on it, what type of connection it is and the cablejive logo. Overall, the iStubz Bundle is worth the $14.95 and it is available at CableJive’s website You can even buy them separately for $7.95 also at CableJive’s website.


I recommend this cable to anyone who wants to clean up their desk.

I recommend this cable to anyone who travels a lot.


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