Review of iCam for iPhone: Watch Your House

By on Apr 5, 2010 at 8:10 am

Wondering what your dog does when you’re not home? Want to have the security of a security camera, but now want to pay the expensive costs? iCam along with iCamSource can help you solve both of these problems.


iCam does the job of a $1000 camera for only $4.99. iCam uses your computer’s camera and mic to act as a security camera. You must download a software a called iCamSource, available for Windows and Mac. iCam can stream your video to your iPhone. You may use it up to four different computers. To make sure that nobody else can watch your stream you set a username and password in iCamSource, which will then be entered in iCam. When you enter your info, you are seeing your area of interest on your iPhone. Thanks to AT&T allowing 3G streaming on the iPhone you can watch your home on Wi-Fi, 3G, and Edge! You would think you need to stay on the same Wi-Fi to work, but this had been fixed due to peer-to-peer technology. Also another great feature of iCam is having audio, the audio does lag a few seconds but on Wi-Fi it should not have a big difference.

A new feature that was added with the 3.0 version was Push Notifications for any motion activity that occurs. Whenever you puppy got up it would send you a notification letting you know. Before this was an in app purchase for $0.99 , but now it comes with the purchase of the app. When first using this I was very annoyed because it is very sensitive, until I figured out that you can change the sensitivity in iCamSource.

When you open the app there are 4 different camera views. When you double click a camera view to enlarge a particular camera. To the bottom left there is a refresh button, to reset the cameras, which is needed if a connection is lost. On the bottom right there is an info button where you can change your username and password, enable auto-zoom, audio, and auto-lock override. When a camera is enlarged on the top-left you see the time. At the bottom bar it shows what camera is on and the date.

When you look at iCamSource you see a blank screen which will become the camera once you turn on the camera. Under that you have the option on which camera to connect to. You can also choose where the audio will come from. The two boxes at the bottom left are where you enter your Username and Password. To the right you can name your camera, and under that you choose the sensitivity of the motion. Below the sensitivity you can turn on push notifications, record motion events, and have a limit on how much your computer can record.

Overall, iCam along with iCamSource is the perfect companion for your iPhone and Mac. It is great for going on vacation while watching your house. I do wish that you could turn off the green light that is on your Mac. It really does giveaway that you are being watched.


I recommend this app to anyone who goes on vacation a lot.

I recommend this app to anyone who wants to monitor their baby or dog.



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  • Jessica

    That's one great review for a camera, motion detection with an affordable price is awesome. Thanks for the info.

  • dare

    Anyone know of a perfect set of cameras that can be bought in Canada which will work with ICam?

  • Tracy

    I’m looking for a hidden cam that will work with iCAM… Any suggestions?