iSpy Cameras App Review: Look Around the World

By on Mar 30, 2010 at 12:18 pm

These days you cannot go anywhere without being followed by Cameras! iSpy is made by SKJM, which also makes iCam and iVid.


With iSpy you can spy on animals, cities, landmarks, and even a hotel receptionist! iSpy Cameras offers famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. iSpy Cameras has many cameras available in the San Diego California Zoo, which means now you do not have to pay for the zoo! Most of the camera are crystal clear, which offer a better viewing experience.

The first time you open the app it takes a while for it to locate and load all of the cameras available. The next time you open the app, the cameras load much faster. I would recommend using this over Wi-Fi even though you can over 3G and Edge. At the bottom of the app you see six options, Random, Top Rated, Most Recent, Favorites, Search, and Help. Random gives an endless view of camera, well randomly! When in cameras you have the option to rate them, clicking on Top Rated will display the top rated cameras. When you open Most Recent it will show you the most recent cameras that you have viewed. When in a particular camera you can favorite it and save them to the “Favorites” menu. When searching you can search keywords, Categories, Countries, States, and Cities. You can also search for cameras that only support Pinch, Tilt, and zoom.

Most cameras have a control option where you can control the camera. You must click the control button, and wait for it to turn green. If it is Red that means you are waiting to use the camera. If it is Red with a timer you must wait a certain time to use the camera. If it is Green with a timer, that means you have that much time to control the camera. If it is sold green you have control of the camera.If light on the control button stays green that means you have control until another user claims it. The nyou will have to click the black control button to get back in line. When you are in control you can pan in by pinching the screen and pan out by expanding your fingers. You can swipe either side to turn.

Viewing a camera you have 3-5 options. On all of the views you can, favorite the camera, take a snapshot, and rate the camera. If you are in a higher end camera you can control the camera. When in the highest end camera you can go to presets. Presets are presets of interest. Presets are only available when in control. The best camera with presets is “SurfSide Beach.”

Overall, iSpy Cameras is a wonderful app to play around with. It offers the best spying experience. There are a few cameras that have heavy lag but, this cannot be controlled by the developer.


I recommend this app for people who want to kill sometime.

The app is just $0.99 in the app store and is definitely worth it.



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  • Slevonis

    I think you should put a space in the word ‘sometime’ to separate ‘some’ and ‘time’ in your recommendation. Only a small typo but with a whole different meaning….

    • Sandra S.

      OMG – thank you for writing this….it made me go back and read the review more carefully to see what you were referencing and, when I found it, it was so worth it! Thanks for the big laugh!

  • Legosneggos

    I have this app and absolutely LOVE it! Showed my kids and couldn’t get my Nook back. lol

  • Morganpetrie

    Im with you waching someone in a hurracain today and she crashed in to a wall and her guts came out gross right lol later peeps

  • Morganpetrie


  • Stephanie Jenkins

    Can you get this on ur lap top? im new to thisĀ 

  • camnut

    I’ve been watching the Bering Strait cam and have noticed a poor dog chained to his dog house on the snow. He seems very cold and very loney.