Red Bull Air Race World Championship Review and Tips

By on Apr 29, 2009 at 10:46 am

Red Bull Air Race World ChampionshipDrawing larger crowds each year, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship features the best race pilots from around the world in an air race that combines speed, precision skills, and endurance. Using fast and lightweight racing airplanes, the pilots reach speeds of 230 miles per hour in the world’s most common cities like Abu Dhabi, San Diego, Barcelona, and more.

This is where gaming developers, Artificial Life, Inc. were called in to create a realistic airplane simulation spectacle called the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Lite Version for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The game places you in the cockpits of two popular Red Bull race airplanes and lets you compete on different race tracks around the globe in a hair raising experience.


Red Bull Air Race World Championship Lite Version is a realistic flight simulation game that supports the iPhone’s accelerometer. Controlling the plane was very simple with a throttle button, a button that forces the plane sideways, and the iPhone’s accelerometer to control the yaw and pitch. I did however have to turn up the sensitivity within the options menu to gain more accurate control of the airplane (it was slightly sluggish which is better than over reactive controls). You are limited to a specific flight height and you cannot crash into the water as of yet. The game also allows you to turn on vibration controls, track path, an airplane hanger feature that allows you to customize your plane with many options. It also features two unique flying views: cockpit and external.

The graphics and animations of the game are great and I did not experience any lag or pixelation. The game’s soundtrack features upbeat racing music that gets you in the mood to fly but you cannot silence the music on the fly with the iPhone’s silence all button. You have to use the side volume buttons to turn it down/off. Performance wise the game is fast, loads races very quickly (within 5 seconds), and features a cool airplane startup animation.


1. Watch your altitude. The Red Bull air races have very strict rules and you must maintain the right altitude while flying through the air-filled pylons “air gates”. Pay attention to your altitude gauge.

2. Combine speed with precision. The point of the game is to make it through the course as fast as possible with high accuracy. Mash the throttle on straightaways or anywhere else possible but pay attention to your accuracy so you do not pass or hit an air gate.

3. The cockpit view is fun but increases difficulty. Switching to the cockpit view in mid flight adds to the simulation of the game but if you are not careful at the air gates, you may run into them since your vision is limited. Quickly switch back to the external view while passing through air gates.


Overall, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Lite Version is an action packed airplane simulation game that places you in the heart of the Red Bull race environment where you must use speed, precision, and skill to finish the race. I recommend this game for everyone of all ages, toddlers to elders. The game sells for $0.99 and is available through the app store right now.


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  • Great review… I have been meaning to try some of these flight apps out on my iPhone.

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    Nice! But is this an addon for some more advance flight sim like Flight Simulator 2004? Or is it a standalone air race game? In any way, this looks like fun!