Pocket God Update Episode 15

By on Apr 29, 2009 at 5:45 am

Pocket God UpdateAfter bringing you a sneak peek earlier this week of the next few updates, Bolt Creative has released episode 15 “A New Home” (or at least Apple finally approved it) for Pocket God.

Episode 15 is the largest upgrade to date! It features a new island, outhouse, and a mysterious dinosaur egg. The outhouse is exactly what it sounds like, a place for the islanders to play pocket god on their little iPhone’s. When occupied for some time, another islander will walk over and wait to use the bathroom. They become disgruntled after 5 seconds and if you do not knock on the door of the occupied islander, they will explode on the screen!

The mysterious dinosaur egg is a preview to episode 16 “The Tyrannosaurus Strikes Back”. You can only use it to knock and crush islanders at this time though.

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  • I got the update yesterday… the kids and I love the change of scenery, with the option of going back to the original island (we love the older music better). The outhouse is awesome… especially when the pygmy explodes… it made us LOL when it first happened. Can't wait to see what the developers add to this new island. The sound effects are great… flushing toilet sounds… just awesome!