Mr. AahH!! Review for iPhone and iPod touch

By on Mar 8, 2010 at 7:11 pm

Mr. AahH!! is a game that looks like nothing special, but is highly addictive!! Maybe for down time, or just when you are bored!


Swinging from platform to platform on a never ending rope may sound really boring to you, but think again! Mr. AahH!! has to land on the platform to get points. Landing on the target which is in red will give you the most points on that platform. Landing anywhere else will give you either a, “Good, Ok, or Barely.” As you go on the platforms get smaller, making it harder for you to land on anything, and sometimes they will get bigger, which can be a challenge in some cases!!

After 3 failed attempts of missing the platform, the game is over, and you can add your score to the online leader board. Use the accelerometer to control Mr. AahH!! when he is in the air! The online leader board is updated everyday, which means your score could be on the leader board!

The music will make you more hyped up, because it follows the flow of the game. This game may feel like nothing, but really you will have a different opinion of it by the time you are done playing!


1. Pay attention to the gravity, because it may be low or high, and you will have to adjust Mr. AahH!!
2. Pay attention to the head wind also, because it will effect Mr. AahH!!


Mr. AahH!! is only $0.99 in the app store. If you like
games that are addicting or that are just very challenging you should really put in consideration on getting this game!
Gameplay Video

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